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stop its hammer time
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Talking RPG time

Time for an RPG!!!!!!

me:stop its hammer time
race:biowolf(half wolf,half zombie)
ability's: (you can have 5 max)1.(low ability) stealth 2.brain surge(makes sudden boost of energy after eating a brain) 3. flaming hairball
super ability's: (2 max) 1.teleportation 2. stealth explosion

if u have less than 5 abilitys u can make the rest up as u go along but remember no double posting,and only have 5 max ability's and 2 max super ability's (super's take 8 posts to recharge)

IMPORTANT!: only 15 spaces available so sorry to people who dont make it.


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All your brains belong to me!
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Default Re: RPG time

15? Thats a bit much.

Name: Chaos

Race: Nord (human)

Team: I have no clue. Lets say Neutral for now.

Spectral Form (total invisibility for 8 turns until I do something)
Shadow (Half invisible, still able to do stuff, lasts 5 turns
Summon Flesh Atronach (Summons a familier that lasts for for 4 rounds, unless killed)
Shadowrend (basic attack)
Staff of Sheogorath (makes target unable to do ANYTHING for 2 turns)

Super Abilities:
Madgod (makes me invincible and I can make really strange stuff happen for 10 rounds)
Master of Illusion (50% chance for enemies to miss, 25% for when I am attacked to proform a counterattack)

Cookies to anybody who knows what the heck im on about.

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Join the revolution.
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Default Re: RPG time

I might as well take a creative stance on your rules...

Me: Onion
Race: Diety
good/bad: Indifference
ability's: See Below.
super ability's: Omnipotence, Infalliability.
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