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Old 08-13-2010, 11:50 PM   #261
stop its hammer time
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Default Re: Costume Party Expansion Ideas

There should be a monster called a leaper. He looks like a watermellon and is invincible and just bounces around everywhere diagonally bouncing of any block or spike.


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Default Re: Costume Party Expansion Ideas

My Second Ideas
Vehicle Pack
You need to be Costume Party Master before you ride those.
Go Karts, they are fast and need fuel to run, if you drive over water they will explode.
Canoes, can move on water.
Trucks, Can pick up stuff on its back of the truck.

Tool Pack
You need to be Costume Party Master before you pick up those
Brick lancers, can lay bricks on brick slots.
Gauntlets. can destroy enemy bricks.
Welder's Kit. Can set wooden bricks on fire.
Swords, can destroy monsters
Enemy Pack
Brick Fortifier, always lays bricks and makes special bricks.
Thief Monsters, always steal tools and take the players vehiclies and drive or row them away.
Turret, shoots red bullets in a slow rate.
Turret Pack
You must be CPM before you plant those turrets.
Player Turret. shoots green bullets in a fast rate at monsters.
Rocket Turret. Shots missles at a slow rate at monsters.
Power Pack
Shield, divides into 1/2 damage.
Super Speed. Makes the player go faster.
Fast Pills. Always make the player attack without any cooldown.
Extra Mode Pack
2 Players, there are green shirt and blue shirt costume party masters in a single game.
Treatz Attack, get the most treats you can in 2 minutes!
Score Attack, Rank up on harder diffculties to get the most score!
Switch Pack
Secret ? Button, when pressed it reveals a secret to a portal to a secret place that has lots of treats in it.
Timer Button, its on for a while.
Purple Button, the levels with it can only be played in 2 Players Mode.
#1 Button, can only be pressed in one time
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Old 10-17-2011, 09:29 PM   #263
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Default Re: Costume Party Expansion Ideas

Astronomy Pack


When you press:
[Space]: Zaps a Laser from a Gadget! If you hold down, it constantly does damage.
[Up]: Jump 2 Blocks, like Frank.
[Down]: Duck; You Avoid Bullets, but if a Mummy or such was to walk over you while ducking it would do half the damage if it were to touch you.
[Left&Right]: Move same speed as Bouapha.

When you press:
[Space]: Hold down to run like a Screamer and do the same damage as a screamer.
[Up]: Jump 1 Block, like the Kid.
[Down]: Hold down to go invisible, at this point you can move, but a 1/10 the speed of the Penguin walking.
[Left&Right]: Move same speed as Santa.

When you press:
[Space]: You Punch.
[Up]: Hold to start floating, like you would be in space.
[Down]: Hold to Sneak, which makes it look like you are to be Laying down. You dodge anything walking on top of you, and Incoming bullets.
[Left&Right]: Move the same speed as Vampire.


--Black Hole--
Anything that gets within a 2 block radius of it dies immediately.
When touched, it becomes your current check point. If all your hearts run out and you die, it shows the "SMOOSHED!" or "Out of Time!" etc., and if you happened to drop by a checkpoint, there will be 3 buttons; "Retry", "Goto Checkpoint", and "Exit".
An Enormous 500 Points!
--Silver Switch--
Turns off/on any Silver Blocks.
Same as an Inviso-Color, except Silver.
--Silver Button--
Same as a Normal Button, except activates/deactivates any Silver Blocks.
--Silver Portal--
Another Portal.
--Iron Block--
Near-White Block.

~to be continued~
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Old 12-29-2011, 12:02 PM   #264
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Default Re: Costume Party Expansion Ideas

My Third Ideas

Hazard Pack - Features lots of tricks.

Falling Spikes - If you walk under them, they will fall down!
Buzzsaw - Watch out! Their like spikes but they are bigger and tricky!
Radiation Barrel - They could spread out poison which can make the player blind!
Mine - When contact with the player it explodes!
Electrical Gate - They can zap the player!
Lava - Watch out! They can set the player on fire!

Blaster Pack - Features battle treats.

You need to be just The Kid to use them.

Mellow Gun - Shoots marshmallows.
Bomb Lobber - Lobs bombs toward the enemies, Useful if the enemy refuses to come out behind.
Missile Launcher - Can destroy bricks, and useful for Screamer Queens.
Fission Tether - It can zap the enemies!
Frost Cannon - Freezes the enemies, Remember, It can't freeze up enemy trees or The Dark Knight.
Thundercloud Launcher - It launches thunder clouds that can destroy every enemy. Useful for Screamer Queens and The Dark Knight.
Decoy Launcher - Shoots a stone decoy of The Kid, Useful if the player needs a distraction.
Icicle Rifle - Shoots icicles that slow down enemies.
Shield Emitter - Makes the player a shield.
Robo-Companion - If the player find's themselves outnumbered by enemies! They should try the Robo-Companion!

Boss Pack - Note that it also comes with the Blaster Pack.

Dozer - He takes up 2 X 3 squares. He takes 15 hits and he is tricky to defeat, His weakness is the Thundercloud Launcher.
Crabby Patty - A giant crab that summons crabs and does a bubble attack. It takes 7 hits. The Fission Tether works best against it.
Happy Pony - He summons Mellow Men and he can heal, He is worth 10000 points when he is defeated. He takes 25 hits, The frost cannon is best against him.
Chaosbot 5000 - One of the most toughest bosses! He is worth 250000 points when defeated, He takes 100 hits, He has rocket launchers and all attacks! The missile launcher works best against them.
Mega Carrier - The ultimate boss! He is worth 1000000 points when defeated. He takes 250 hits, He has missile launchers and he can spawn Crabby Patties and Happy Ponies! The Thundercloud Launcher works best against it!

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