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Default CP: High Score Table "bug"

It seems that whenever a level is deleted that the score for that level isn't removed from a player's total until they actually play another level. Just logging into the game won't adjust their score. Obviously this isn't an actual bug, but it is something that is a bit frustrating for those of us battling it out for the last slot in the top 15 to have players taking up space with inflated scores.

I realise that there may be no way of correcting this, but I did have a suggestion that might work. Over on the DROD board they have a spider that runs through the high score table correcting problem scores. A utility you could run from time to time that would recalculate all the scores based on current levels would be useful if it wasn'r too much trouble to code. It also would likely come in handy for future games with in-game online scoreboards.
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