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Lightbulb Want to have something to pass the time?

Are you bored? Have nothing to do? Like Anime? Well you are lucky!

I have this awsome idea, but i just cant put it into a story. i have great ideas, but they will just be ideas. This idea rules, but i just CANT PUT IT INTO A STORY! It is an 8-way (Plus 1 or 2 american shows) idea, that would rule as a story. If you know how to write stories (and especially if you know what a fanfic is), Know what Bleach, Naruto, DragonBall Z, Death Note, InuYasha, Zatch Bell!, Pokemon, One Piece, and Full Metal Alchemist is and know at least what the personalities are for the main characters are like. Also a little bit of The Real World and Total Drama Island are. I would love this to become a real story i can read, but the thing is that this is going to be a fanfic, so you have to say "I do not own any of this, and the characters are owned by their respective companies" and such. If and when you make it, please tell me in my msn. If you follow the Requirements, and you are chosen to write this story, I will send you the whole text document of these ideas, and give you a spot to put it up, chapter by chapter.
Good Memories.

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Default Re: Want to have something to pass the time?

Originally Posted by Ufo-Man View Post
[...]"I do not own any of this, and the characters are owned by their respective companies"[...]
Or just "All text copyright &copy; 2008 <insert name here>. All characters copyright their respective owners."
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Connor S.
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Default Re: Want to have something to pass the time?

Or as is the case with most FanFiction Authors: I don't own this! :'( wah

Or: I don't own this... Yet.... Muahahahahahaa
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