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Default The Amulet of Mana

The Amulet of Mana is an RPG game and my first commercial game. Hopefully it will be released within a couple months. The game focuses on a light mage named Matt who hears a phrophcy that the Dark Lord of Alathagia will return to the land of Alathagia and spread his darkness all over the lead. On a quest to stop the Dark Lord by finding the four Mana Stones, Matt heads to the Cave of Ice where he is knocked out by the Ice Stone's guardian. After being rescued by a Journeyman, Matt meets Swift, who is the granddaughter of Julie, who vanquished the Dark Lord the first time he rose to power. Swift tells Matt about the Amulet of Mana, a powerful talisman with the power to seal away the Dark Lord in a prison of mana energy. However, the amulet was stolen from Swift by the Angel of Light. Now Matt and Swift (and six other characters) need to recover the Amulet of Mana and the four Stones of Mana, travel to the Dark Realm, and defeat the Dark Lord.

The game has numerous custimizations:
  • Create your own weapons! Defeating creatures may give you ores and sometimes gems that can be used to create powerful weapons! over ten different weapon types, four different metals, and numerous gems allow for tons of different weapons!
  • Create your own armor! By using ores and gems, you can make better and better armors, from fire-resistant platebody to strength-boosting helms, get the defence you want!
  • Create your own skills! You can create spells and special attacks, and if you have a certain type of gem, you can create the ultamite elemental spells!
  • Side quests to complete, with unique awards such as the Farmer's Charm, which lets you get healing items from plants!
  • Make a character YOUR character- name the allies in the game and quest with Matt and Swift!
  • Find herbs on your quest and use them to make potions!
  • Need extra gold? After finishing the main storyline, you can help the miners in Mineva with their operation for gold. You can either mine crystals in the Crystal Mine, make ores and metal bars at the furnace, or create equipment in three different minigames!
  • A storyline with numerous plot twists. Sacrifice, betrayal, and love all have a part!
  • NEW FEATURE: "Even the Purest Light has some Shadow" Depending on your actions, you will gain Dark and Light points! At the end of the main storyline, depending on your alignment (Dark or Light), there could be a very huge plot twist...
  • NEW FEATURE: More and bigger Towns allow for more side quests and other features!
In order to release the game within a couple months, I could use the following resources:
  • Music
  • Graphics
I am willing to pay YBs if anybody is willing to make these resources for me. I will pay 25YBs per music file and 50YBs per graphic. Note that I may not accept a graphic/music file if I don't think it will work for the game. (for example, I'm not going to accept a graphic with a bunch of stick figures and pay you 50YBs for it.) I'm not extremely picky though, so if you do a good job on the graphic/music file then there is an extremely good chance of me accepting it.

PM me if you are interested in creating either of these resources.


NOTE TO GAME TESTERS: The game file that I game you has a bug in it that should be fixed in the new version of the game. I'll email/PM you once the new version is ready. If you arn't interested in testing anymore, just contact me and let me know. All testers will recieve a free copy of the game once the game is released. Thanks again for testing!

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