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Old 01-27-2009, 05:18 PM   #1
She & her pronouns
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Default Corrupt the "Corrupt _____" threads!

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Dumb Person
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Default Re: Corrupt the "Corrupt _____" threads!

Surely the proliferation of the corruption threads is a symptom of the underlying corruption currently plaguing all societies on our planet at this time. Indubitably, increases in micro-meme production concurrent with the obfuscation of clarity-rich communications inherently present conformant with rebarbatively confusion-inducing utterances have resulted in the obtaining silly situation.

We only have ourselves to blame.
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Just a FunLoving Turbo Penguin
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Default Re: Corrupt the "Corrupt _____" threads!

These Corrupt threads are getting old, boring and annoying

Now you don't mess with perfection.
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College Boi
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Default Re: Corrupt the "Corrupt _____" threads!

So is daytime television.
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)
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