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Ninja of Frozen Milk
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Default Life is... good?

I seem to have mixed feelings about life lately. I'm not quite depressed, but I'm not quite happy...

My birthday's coming up and my life at school consists of drawing cam brackets and injection molding screwdrivers; utter bliss. But I'm getting mountains of Homework, my internet crapped out and it's really starting to get dicey at the 10 week period... huh...

Math is a pain, my teacher's creepy, I am getting horrible at cards and I've run out of fresh video games... hmm... now I'm sad.
I am not here anymore alas. Anyone is welcome to IM me or email me attheninjaoffrozenmilk@hotmail.com, my Skype is Yukigo_Kurosaki
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Dumb Person
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Default Re: Life is... good?

Ideally, a person would be able to just take life as it comes, day to day, not getting too excited either about positive or negative stuff. Most of us aren't ready to do that yet, but it's a worthy goal to shoot for. When I get upset, I chant the word Hu. It works for me.
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The Knightie
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Default Re: Life is... good?

I said Hu few times and it made me laugh. Life is living day to day. Days could be happy or sad or exciting but they are full of suprises.
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Default Re: Life is... good?

Originally Posted by Gamer99 View Post
I said Hu few times and it made me laugh
The same thing happened to me, I couldn't help laughing
This Hu thing is really affective
I've run out of video games too so now I'm gettin bored and there's no new game that is getting released and worth buying.... so.....awkward

Now you don't mess with perfection.
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