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Default Re: We're going on a trip and we're bringing...

We're going on a trip and we're bringing a toothbrush, a blood-thirsty alligator, Cuddleyum the octopus, platypus food, a bag of emoticons and smilies, brains and hammers, gameboy's uber-ness, a DSi, a portable Supercomputer, a handful of chips, vast intelligence, mutant bread, R2D2, a Laptop with Dumb Games, a giant kitten, the maze of ludicrousity,a godzilla contacting device, a light sabre, survival gear, more food, girls, an anti-girls thing, one set of parentheses, an english book, some beverages, a monkey eating a purple banana, a banana eating a purple monkey,a pickled pepper picking a patch of peter pipers,Math books, a pumpkin, a first aid kit, a pie tin, a second-aid kit, a tin-less pie, a third-aid kit, evil villains, super heroes, a referee, your face, your body, Mars, chocolate, a question mark, an exclamation mark, friends, enemies, enemies' friends, friends' enemies, Crocodile hunters, A half gross of 1-up mushrooms, win, Hamumu, alien food, lasers, talking sushi, the marines, the moon, A bunch of colors, a spare of all the items listed in this post, this post, the Hamumu Forum, pure awesomness, impure awesomeness, EPIC FAIL, bunch of spoilers, The rights for becoming the emporer of Earth, a self-destruct button, RPG'S, A bunch of words in all styles, Abunch of different font styles, a spaceship, comic books, a school bus, a team of negotiators, a flat screen TV, Redbone's Post Color, Magic Fly's post color, awesome faces, dumbness

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