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Manga Chic
Here's a penny, buy a clue.
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Question Weird-ish question...but...eh...

*Deeply inhales*
Has anybody here ever had an idea for some kinda show or cartoon or whatever else that can be considered entertainment, considering the fact that now there's only a mile-high tower of crud-shows on networks, and the only things that are remotely funny are either for adults or at least someone older than you?
I have. And a lot of 'em (live ac./animations); I've even had scripts for a couple, but they were VEEERRRYYY poorly formatted, so blail (blah/fail). But they had their moments, and were overall funny (at least, better than most of the poo-poo that's manufactured by the lazy-writers machine that we are forced to swallow as it's called "entertainment").
If ya read teh new sig, you'll see one right down there, but I don't even know about a plot yet. Usually I just get a line and find a plot later...awell...
[of course you don't get it.]
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College Boi
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Default Re: Weird-ish question...but...eh...

Well, I have some movie script ideas, but they are horror-ish...
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)
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Chaos sold separately.
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Default Re: Weird-ish question...but...eh...

I've made movie scripts and machinima scripts, and am currently making a machinima.

AGLA FL15 Pro Circuit Champion - Tank for Hybrid Theory (AGLA) - Captain/Hybrid for Zero Logic (GGL)
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Katamari Damacy yay!
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Default Re: Weird-ish question...but...eh...

I've had an idea for there to be a Katamari Damacy tm (From Namco) Anime. I mean, if you've played a Katamari game, you can clearly see it being an anime!
I'm not making it, though.

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