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Default Re: Zombie Survival RPG 2

Originally Posted by Ubernoob View Post
OOC: I think we've definitely lost momentum. Do you want more of the formerly London now cruise ship characters, or should we wait for other groups? Are we going to merge at some time?
OOC: I'll try to have you guys merge with the other 2 groups sometime. In the meantime, I'll give you and BD some characters to control in NY and Beijing next time I update those groups. Actually, I'll have you guys get to the landing at Africa, then I'll give you guys characters in NY and Beijing.
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Default Re: Zombie Survival RPG 2

[OOC]Hey, I know Zed3 is up, but I really wanted to continue this. I'm sorry I didn't post as I should have during the school year. Is anybody else interested? And I just realized some of the bizaare words I used to stand in for inappropriate language. XD And remember this truck is an 18-wheeler ... I think.

Originally Posted by PlasmaCannonsRule View Post
Tyler and his companions stormed into the store. He heard someone's stomach rumbling. The group looked around and saw the produce department. They charged over, gunning down several zombies along the way, only to find all the food had gone bad. "We need to find something that won't spoil." Sarah said. "Let's get a move on, then." said Tyler. After a few minutes of searching, they found a few cans of nuts and some bags of coffee. "Not much of a resupply," mused Len, "but it'll have to do." Just then, gunfire rang out at the front of the store. The group went to investigate the commotion.
"They're coming! It's like Left 4 Dead out here! Get in the truck!!!" Paul shouted as Tyler, Len, and Sarah came out the sliding doors. Immediately the two younger ones opened the cab door. Tyler rushed over to the back of the truck and jumped inside the trailer with Kyle; the big vehicle started to move, but too slowly. "This is very bad, man!"

An enormous crowd of zombies poured out from the narrow street where they had been spotted charging earlier. "Paul, put your petal to the metal!! These zeds are really bookin'!" shouted Kyle. Paul snapped back. "Okay, darn it! I'm a doctor not a racecar driver!!!" Tyler and Kyle proceeded to shoot and pump rounds into as many close zombies as they could, but the flesheaters ran extraordinarily fast.
One zombie in particular leaped forward in mid-stride and caught the bumper. He went unnoticed until his hand caught Tyler's pantleg and pulled his legs out from under him. "AAARRRRGGG!" Tyler shouted; caught off-balance, he accidentally shot his pistol into ceiling.
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