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Default My Artwork

As you may have already seen, I've been making lots of Paint.NET artwork recently. The only one you can see here is the Zombie Survival RPG banner in my sig (which may soon be shrank and joined by a similar SHFBA banner). I've also been doing sprites for Mafia cards (my relatives were supposed to come down and I was going to treat them to a game of Mafia, but they cancelled at the last minute), which I will not post as they are fairly large images, and Jamul likes his tables. Plus, most of them have "incomplete" (as in not including super in-depth detail about role info) due to space limits. Anyhow, if you want a banner made for a forum game you wish to advertise, ask me and I'll cook one up. Don't ask for anything too complex, though; they'll just be abstract images with text on them like the ZSRPG one (although I may make a Hamumu-themed flag if I decide to restart the Hamumu Politics Game, which failed last time because the host (myself) left the forum for around a month when the game began).
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Default Re: My Artwork

If you don't want to break the tables, you can just link directly to the images rather than parsing them in your post.
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Default Re: My Artwork

Originally Posted by Redbone View Post
break [...]d[...]a[...]n[c]e
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)
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