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Lightbulb World Building - Merging?

Can someone explain world merging to me? I would like to know:

1. What merging does.
2. How to merge worlds.
3. What happens to items, specials, etc. after merging two worlds.

I looked everywhere, even in the readme, but I have found nothing. The person who replies with the most detail on the subject gets 10YBs.
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Default Re: World Building - Merging?

From the Supreme help files...
World Merge! - A hidden feature (I would say undocumented, but here's the documentation!) in the editor is the ability to merge worlds together! In the editor, load one world, then press SHIFT-M to open the Merge Menu. Select another world, and click Merge. This will attach the second world's levels into the world after the first world's levels. It will fail if the combined total of Custom Items, Custom Sounds, Levels, or Tiles are too many to fit in one world. In that case you'll need to cut the numbers down before trying to merge. Here are other subtle issues to consider:
  • It will not intelligently detect identical tiles. It just appends the tiles of the second world after the first world's tiles.
  • When you merge, the second world's levels will not be accessible, since they'll connect only to the second world's hub (which is connected to nothing). You'll need to manually combine them however you wish. If you simply delete the second world's hub, you're off to a good start, you just need entrances to the levels then!
  • The numerical limits: 104 custom items, 800 tiles, 64 custom sounds, and 64 levels.
  • Watch out for global variables! If both worlds rely on the same global variable, they'll step on each others' toes, because nothing about variable usage is modified.
  • If you use Tile Var specials, be warned (or glad?) that it does not change them in any way. This should be what you want, if you're using them for data purposes. But if for some reason you're using them for the player to actually see them, their numbers will be wrong (in the second world, not in the first). If you use a special to check the value of a tile var result, that will pose a problem, because those specials do get updated.
  • If you have modified any of the original game items (as opposed to making a copy of them and modifying that), those changes won't carry over. Such changes made in the first world will apply to both worlds, and changes made in the second world will simply vanish.
  • Test the resulting merged world very thoroughly, because it's a very complex operation and there's lots of possible ways it can trip you up!
I can't think of much else to say on the topic! Just be careful when merging lots of worlds, and expect to do some manual fixing.

Note: This is from (Supreme directory)/docs/editor.html, near the bottom.

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