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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

Actually, I didn't. Iv'e had that idea for months now.
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

Originally Posted by Megadog View Post
Does anyone mind if I use some of these game ideas? I'm trying to sell enough games to get money for my own computer.
If you want to use any of mine, you're welcome to.

Originally Posted by thingie View Post
i has A Huge Document full of ideas witch no one can use
Heh. Same here. One of them (Legacy) will eventually be revealed here due to a censored version of its world being the setting for one of my RPGs.
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

mah doc is for a super huge Game that may not be made for years its mmo super building/fighting/playing Around with friends/Huge!!
and has over 2000 letters i think and 1 pic

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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

So you play A Child in the game. You can choose to be a boy, or a girl. You have no distinguishing features, as your body is all a color of your choice, and then You have white or black eyes, Determined by what would work better with the color. Anyways, You live on a planet called eve. On Eve there are Thousands of types of Plants, Animals, and Other such. You are a demigod on this planet, and cannot be killed. Your job is to do as you please with the world. You can breed new creatures, or create new plants, Or Blow a hole The size of New york in a forest and turn it into a lake. Or Fill it with oil and end up killing off many Creatures. As you play the game, you are Guided by a Voice in your mind, who you refer to as Geieis. She Teaches you how things work. How things live, How good things happen, Why things die, And why bad things happen. You Gain tools As you progress. From starting as a wanderer, Just observing things, you will gain Elune. Elune is a rare Form of matter, witch can only be seen by demigods.You can use the Elune to get new skills. These Are anything from Creating Hills, to mountains, And from Small creatures, to Giants. You Shape the land scape as you see fit, And every day you come back to play, Things change. Yesterday you had made two peaceful races, With trade routes, and a water system, and Villages. But War could break out over what you do. Geieis Cannot tell you what to do, but If you do things that she likes she will reward you. After A while, Geieis cannot teach you anymore. So You are on your own. Your actions determine a few things. If you are Evil, and do horrible mean things to your planet, All living things will fear you. But if you Respect nature, and Help instead of hurt, You will be praised and Worshiped. You Get around the world By flying. You can fly only so high, as you are but a child. But As you play your character grows. You are not wearing any clothes, but as i said, there is no distinguishing features. The game goes on forever. But if you destroy your planet, or Rebirth, it will Go back to its original state, and you will become a child again.

So yeah.
(Pasted from a document >;3)

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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

1 word. Wow. That sounds like amazingness and awesomeness in one. Someone make that game NOW. Its like a combination of the Spore terraforming and creation, and the demigod control of Black and White 2, with some other elements mixed in. Amazzing. Extra Z for emphasis.
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

I, personally love sandbox games, when i played my first i almost wet myself because i could go in any direction, so i would say something where you could do whatever. i love crashing cars.
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

Originally Posted by Megadog View Post
Does anyone mind if I use some of these game ideas? I'm trying to sell enough games to get money for my own computer.
wait,where can you sell your games!!!!!!?????
also post more ideas!please!
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

Super Digger

In every level, you have a set of tools and an amount of times you can use them. There is a certain amount of places you can dig. You need to find all the treasure to win the level. If all your tools have run out of uses, you lose the level. There are 6 stages:
A Little Bit Underground
Crystal Caves
Lava Cave
Center Of The Earth
Tropical Trouble - 100%! Hooray!!!
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

Any idea can be made infinately more fun with level editors and procedural generation.

Any idea.
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

My Idea
Robot goes Digging!
Bronze: 25$
Sliver: 100$
Gold: 200$
Emerald: 1000$
Sapphire: 1500$
Ruby: 2500$
Diamond: 5000$
Amazonite: 20000$
Thorium: 25000$
Moonstone: 50000$
Starstone: 75000$
Drill Upgrades
Sliver Drill: 500$ digging speed of 10
Gold Drll: 1200$ digging speed of 15
Emerald Drill: 3000$ digging speed of 20
Ruby Drill: 8000$ digging speed of 25
Diamond Drill: 20000$ digging speed of 30
Amazontie Drill: 50000$ digging speed of 35
Mega Drill: found in 5000 ft below and digging speed of 40
Granite: Can dig it with Mega Drill.
Marble: Cannot dig that.
Dynamite 1200$
Teleporter: 5000$
Tractor Beam: 80000$
Marble Breaker Bomb: 120000$
Hidden Gadgets
Rock Breaker Cannon Found in 7000 ft

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Post Re: Game Idea Thread

My Second Game Idea

Robot Adventures!

Chicken - 50 HP
Worm - 60 HP
Bee - 80
Cow - 120 Hp
Butterfly - 200 HP
Crab - 250 Hp
Bat - 300
Ant - 320
Spider - 350
Lizard - 400
Beetle 420
Crow 450
Moose 600
Sheep 620
Bonehead - 700
Bonehead Archer - 720
Bonehead Solder - 760
Bonehead Captain - 850
Ogre Solder - 900
Ogre Captain - 1000
Knight - 1200
Horse Knight - 1300
Patrol Guard - 1600
Elite Patrol Guard - 2000
Small Dragon - 2500
Big Dragon - 3000
Dark Thief - 3200
Doom Knight - 4000
Evil Thief - 5000

Giant Monsters
Giant Chicken - 500 HP
Giant Butterfly - 1250
Giant Ant - 2500
Giant Spider - 3500
Giant Crow - 5000
Giant Sheep - 12500


Bonehead King - 15000
Ogre King - 17500
Giant Sword Knight - 20000
Dragon General - 27500
Thief General - 35000
Ultra Evil King - 50000


Wooden Sword - starting weapon
Iron Sword - 500 gold
Copper sword 1200 gold
Sliver Sword 2500 gold
Gold Sword 10000 gold
Titantianium Sword - 50000 gold
Noble Sword - The weapon that is dropped by Giant Sword Knight
Giant Noble Sword - Only dropped by Thief General


Wooden Shield - starting shield
Iron Shield - 500 gold
Copper Shield - 1200 gold
Sliver Shield - 2500 gold
Gold Shield - 10000 gold
Titantianium Shield 50000 gold
Mirror Shield - The ultimate shield and only dropped by Giant Sheep


Chicken Hunt
Defeat 5 chickens
Cow Bully
Defeat 6 cows
Butterfly Attack
Defeat 7 butterflies
Spider Problem
Defeat 8 spiders
Lizard Threat
Defeat 9 lizards
Moose Fight
Defeat 10 moose
Ogre War
Defeat 11 ogres

Fire - 500 gold
Ice - 600 gold
Lighting - 800 gold
Mass Fire - 2000 gold
Mass Ice - 2800 gold
Mass Lighting - 4000 gold
Stun Strike - 4500 gold
Buster Charge - 3000 gold
Attack Up - 3500 gold
Defense Up - 3200 gold


High Potion
Full Potion
Reflector Shield - reflects damage for a while
MP Potion
High MP Potion
Full MP Potion

Special Features

Level Editor - Allows the player to create adventures
MulitPlayer Mode - Allows 2 players to play in one computer.
Record Book - Shows how many enemies the player has defeated and how long the player has played and the prizes the player earned

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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

Originally Posted by calthax View Post
My Second Game Idea

Robot Adventures!
What would the gameplay of this robotic quest be like?
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

Originally Posted by megamanO View Post
What would the gameplay of this robotic quest be like?
Well, i don't know, maybe 3D or 2D.
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

state the obvious

What else would it be? 1d? 4d?
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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

Nononono, i think he meant like platformer RPG, MMORPG, Or some other kind of RPG.

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Post Re: Game Idea Thread

My Third Idea

Rise Of The Owls 2!

Info - Defend the treasure from those
pesky owls again! New units and
Smart Owls! In there the player
must place units and defend the
treasure from the Owls.
In the Inn the player sees who's
Includes 20 waves of owls!
With difficulties to easy to medium to hard mode
Also high scores to track scores!
Special Modes
Survival - The treasure must survive as long as it can!
Samaritan - No pick pocketing units are in this mode!
Boss Bash - Survive the boss owls invasion as any long the player can!
In that mode the player starts with 50G


Archie - Cost - 5G - He shoots arrows at fast rate.
Robin - Cost - 10G - He shoots arrows slow, but his arrows give 1G if it hits the owls!
Legless - Cost - 15G - He shoots arrows medium, but it can pierce a owl!
Sven - Cost - 10G - One of the yeti brothers
Marlon - 10G - He casts yellow circles fast at the owls and it never misses!
The Flayer - 15G His soup falls down 3 floors.
Jesse - 20G - Jesse makes a circle of 50% more damage to nearby units!
Bard - 35 - Bard pierces armor, but his attack is medium
Soup Nazi - 40G - His soup falls down to the top to the bottom floor!
Conehead - 50G - Conehead does a lot of damage to owls but slow.
Queasy - 50G - His attacks falls down 4 floors and weakens owls!
Rob - 30G - He steals 1G if his attacks hit the owls.
Stabby - 35G - His daggers do medium damage and hes fast.
Good Turret - 30G - It shoots green circles with medium damage and fixed range.
Frosticous - 60G - His magical ice wand slows down owls except ice owls.
Max - 60G - His big sword is powerful against boss owls but his sword is heavy so he has a slow attack.
Ethan - 120G - His battle wand summons a wave of high damage fire orbs but slow attacks. Best against ice owls.
Frostknight - 80G - Frostknight has twin ice swords that do medium damage and high damage to fire owls and he is fast!
Death Turret - 220G - It shoots red rockets, it follows the owls and does high damage and it is fast and very useful!
Nucluar - 250G - His wand does heavy damage but very slow.

Lasery - 600G - He is the fastest unit! He shoots really fast arrows and they can slice owls. Does not work with gray owls or giant owls.
Olaf - 800G - He throws snowballs that hit the owls and go through except gray and giant owls. He is one of the yeti brothers and he is very useful against big waves of fast owls! His snowballs move slow,
Death Patrol - 850G - When he sees a owl he claps bombs out fast and does medium damage and it can do splatter damage!
Chad - 900G - His magical speedy wand makes a circle of increasing speed to 50% more!
Pablo - 1000G - Pablo has 2 noble swords and he slashes the owls and he is very fast!
Austin - 2000G - The ultimate unit, he has 2 legendary golden swords and he slashes them with huge damage and high damage to ??? owls.

Special Techniques, they must be used when they are ready
Ice Wave - Frostknight slashs a ice wave to the owls and it freezes them, except ice owls.
Passion - Max sets every unit to do double damage and double speed for 10 seconds.
Charge! - Frostknight slashes and does lots of damage and freezes up the owls except ice ones! Can hit multiple owls!
Sword Boomerang - Pablo combines his noble swords into a boomerang and throws it at the owls and can hit multiple owls!

New Owls
Smart Owls - They break in windows! All units affect it well.
Fire Owls - They are resistant to fire attacks! The Iceknight works best attacking them.
Ice Owls - They are resistant to ice attacks! The Ethan works best attacking them.
Giant Owls. They are tough but very slow. The units Max and Death Turret
and Lasery works best attacking them.
Dark Owls - They are resistant to ice and phyical attacks! The Ethan is required to set them on fire and defeat them!
Group Owls - They like to stick together and the best to destroy the group and spread damage is the Ethan. All units affect them well.
??? Owl - The toughest owl and the slowest owl. In a wave it only appears in one.
Armored Owls - They have iron armor on and they are tough! All units affect it well.


Defender - Reach Wave 10
Great Defender - Stop all the owls on Wave 20!
Speedy Defender - Defeat all the owls on Wave 20 under 2 minutes!
Samaritan Player - Complete Wave 20 on Samaritan Mode.
Survival Player - Reach Wave 25 on Survival Mode.
Great Survival Player - Reach Wave 50 on Survival Mode.
Legendary Survival Player - Reach Wave 100 on Survival Mode!
Mega Player - Complete Normal Mode on Hard using archers and turrets and wizards. No special techniques and knights and jesters!

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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

Your first idea sounds a lot like a game made by XGen Studios called Motherload, but otherwise im liking the ideas. Good job!

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Post Re: Game Idea Thread

My Fourth Idea
Robot goes Flying!


Glider Type
Kite - 20$
Old Glider - 150$
Hang Glider - 500$
Super Glider - 2000$
Ultra Glider - 5000$
MegaGlider - 20000$ - Only found in the MegaCatalog

Flight Glider Type
Balloon - 45$
Fan Hat - 200$
Propeller - 1000$
Big Propeller - 2500$
Freon Propeller - 5000$
MegaPropeller - 20000$ - Only found in the MegaCatalog

Rocket Type
Small Rocket - 200$
Big Rocket - 500$
Pulse Jet - 1000$
Ramjet - 2000$
Cruise Rocket - 5000$
MegaRocket - 30000$ - Only found in the MegaCatalog.

4 Shots Rocket Type
Quad Small Rocket - 1000$
Quad Big Rocket - 1500$
Quad Jets - 2500$
Lift Off - 5000$
MegaBlasters - 30000$ - Only found in the MegaCatalog

Sleigh Type

Plank - 35$
Sled - 200$
Big Sled - 1000$
Bobsleigh - 2500$
SuperBobsleigh - 5000$
MegaSlide - 20000$ - Only found in the MegaCatalog.

Rich Robot - Get 100000$ - 500 points
Speedster - Go very fast while flying! - 150 points
Master - Get all awards. - 1000 points
Award! - Something with the mouse and this award. - 100 points
Get a inch - Click on something on the shop menu to earn a dollar. - 100 points.
It's Fishy - Sometimes when the fuel runs out on high attiudes. - 100 points
Game Complete! - Complete the game - 450 points.
Reverse 1 - Fly the wrong way for 150 distance - 100 points.
Reverse 2 - Fly the wrong way for 10000 distance - 250 points.
High Flyer 1 - Reach attitudes of 500 - 150 points.
High Flyer 2 - Reach attitudes of 1000 - 250 points

Special Shop

Turbos - 100 Special Points - Robot can hold up to 3 turbos.
Extra Fuel Tank - 100 Special Points - Robot gets more fuel if he buys this!
MegaCatalog - 1000 Special Points. - A extra upgrade will appear in the shop when Robot buys this!
Gravity Orb - 200 Special Points - 10% gravity is decreased if Robot buys that.
Ramp Adjusting - 250 Special Points - With this the ramp can be tweaked!
Greedy Book - 200 Points - Robot earns 5% more money when he buys one!
Anti-Speed-Loss Spray - 200 points - Robot can hold up to one spray. Decreases 10% speed loss.
Music Player - 150 Points - Bored with the main music? Try something new with this thing!
Super Boost Battery - 500 Points - Increases 25% of the fuel if Robot buys this!
Speed Boost - 300 Points - Robot can hold up to 4 speed boosts - It makes Robot start at a earlier day.
One Speed Boost - Day -2
Two Speed Boosts - Day -5
Three Speed Boosts - Day -9
Four speed boosts - Day -14

When Robot reach's distance of 6000. The player will win the game.
Robot can hold up to 5 extra fuel tanks.
Winning the game will give the player special points
Robot can hold up to 10 greedy books.
When winning Its Fishy Award. Robot gets a fuel refill.

Completing in 50+ days says
The player must do good and make good progress.
Completing In 30 - 35 days says
Good Work!
Completing in 25 to 29 days says
Wow! Can the player complete faster?
Completing in less than 20 days says
Well done!
Completing in less than 10 days says.
The player cheated, right?

Beating in 50+ days - Beginner
Beating in 30 - 35 days - Good Player
Completing in 29 - 20 - Speed Player
Less than 20 to 10 - Master
Less than 9 days - Super Master

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Default Re: Game Idea Thread

My 5th Idea

Scarecrow Heart of Straw 2!

New Upgrades

Barrier - 3000$ - Protects the corn from flying birds but cows can break in!
Turret - 2000$ - Helps fend off the pesky birds and cows!
Air Lancelots - 2600$ - Increases Scarecrow's attack speed.
A Bomb!?? - 5000$ - When it blows up, it scares all the crows and birds and cows and all the pests except bosses.
Bombing Boo - 10000$ - When booing to a cow, it blows up!
Shock Boo - 8000$ If it zaps a cow, it turns it almost away from the corn and it could hit mulitple targets!
Booing Shoes - 1200$ - Using them allows Scarecrow to walk and boo!
Bouncy Boo Shaped Crystal! - 5000$ It can make Scarecrow's boo to bounce off enemies!
Powerup Barrier - 3000$ - Prevents you from losing powerups for 3 days.

New Enemies

Snake - They might chew your corn and it is hard to scare!
Super Crow! - Its a boss crow! Defeat him before he uses Super Wind to steal the corn!
Corn Stealing Master - The final boss! Defeat him before his sticks of dynamite he brought blows up!


Super Crow is found every 25 days.
The Corn Stealing Master is found only at day 200
Snakes are found in day 20 and higher

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Post Re: Game Idea Thread

My sixth game idea

Dr Lunatic SWC Revolution

New items
Hammer X
Pants X

New Special Weapons

Railgun - 3 shots - It shoots thin lasers that do 100 damage!
Disk Rifle - 8 shots - It shoots disks that can bounce of walls and enemies!
Ricochet Rifle - 25 shots - Shoots green bullets that can bounce off walls and can do 5 points of damage!
Splitter Rifle - 10 shots - It shoots bullets everyone that hits the enemies! But they do only 1 point as damage!
Flame Gun - 10 shots - It can shoot fire bullets that burst flames when they hit!
Tesla Rifle - 20 shots - It can shoot lighting shots that can hit other targets!

New Monsters
Crazy Bush - 1HP
Zombie Lord - 45HP
Mutant Pumpkin - 15HP
Numbskull - 50HP
Icebone - 25HP
Pygmy Witch - 50HP
Pygmy King - 350HP - He is in a wheelchair with 2 spear cannons.
Ninjabread Elite - 85HP - His attacks poison!
Flamebat - 20HP
Mad Cow - 25HP
Breakable Coffin - 120HP - Destroy it before a Spiky comes out!
Chaos Lich - 600HP - His shots do more damage and shoots a deathbeam.
Mutant Jacko - 45HP - Shoots bullets in 3 directions.
Bomb Bug - 20HP - He shoots bombs in one direction.
Xeno Elite - 100HP - He shoots lots of bullets.
Dark Matter Ball - 10000HP - It is almost unbreakable
Grand Mumble - 250HP - He revives mumbles and shoots a 3 way.
Swampdog - 25HP - Shoots one shot.
Bog Beast - 70HP - Shoots one shot like a Swampdog.
Bomb Turret - 60HP - Shoots bombs.
Frost Turret - 30HP - Acts like a Good Turret, but shoots ice shots.
Faucet Mumble - 100HP - He claps a lot of bullets.
Toasty The Elder - 200HP - He makes a lot of flame attacks.
Frostzoid - 25HP - Shoots a ice bullet.
Spread-shotzoid - 35HP - Shoots a wide amount of shots.
Bomberzoid - 40HP - Shoots a bomb.
Shockzoid - 60HP - Shoots a airborne shot that explodes when it touches the ground
Missilebug - 25HP - Shoots a missile.
Firebug - 20HP - Shoots a flame shot.
Ice Titan - 40HP - He punchs the player and he is resistant to freezing attacks!
Punch - 15HP - He punches the player.
Magic Hat - 50HP - His hat makes squeakers! And his punch is a bit stronger than the regular Punch.
KO Punch - 65HP - His punch can do knockouts!
Titan King Melton - 500HP - Its a boss ice titan!
Teddy - 25HP - His hands can shoot bullets!
Cave Bear - 25HP - Like a teddy, but he can pounce the player.
KITTY?!?! - 1000HP - Like the Space Maniac boss in RWIC, he shoots sharp bullets at the player!
Whackazoid - 20HP - Like a zoid, but it can shoot a bomb before it is shot!
Whackazoid Hole - DANGER: Do not use what the player is doing, this is the hole for Whackazoids.
Bobby Khan - 1000HP - He is from Kid Mystic with the same attacks.
Sniper Snail - 25HP - He can shoot lots of venom shots when he sees the player!
Mallow Man - 25HP - He shoots bullets with his marshmallow gun!
Pygmy Wiseman - 40HP - They can heal other pygmies!
Royal Spider - 400HP - It can shoot a spread ammount of torpedos, revive Spitters from the dead!
Squeaker - 10HP - He squeaks to the player.
Plague Mouse - 25HP - He shoots a poison bullet and when he is defeated, a circle of poison bullets will appear!
Ice Mouse - 25HP - He can shoot a frost bullet!
Rataoutile - 75HP - He charges to the player!
Klonk - 125HP - His club does a lot of damage to the player!
Klunk - 150HP - His club does a circle of bullets!
Rat a tat - 20HP - He can shoot a lot of bullets!
Froggy - 10HP - He can stick his tongue out to attack the player.
Toadie - 25HP - His tongue can shoot a bullet!
Toad Patch - 80HP - It can generate a Toadie!
Bombie - 1HP - When he attacks, he explodes.
Tinny Tim - 20HP - His gun shoots one bullet.
Tin Soldier - 35HP - His gun shoots a bullet that can explode!
Sock Monkey - 15HP - He charges to the player with his monkey sound.
Tinpot General - 100HP - He zaps enemies to restore health and he can shoot a missile!
Sock Gorilla - 25HP - He can fire homing bombs!
Trigun - 50HP - He shoots bullets in a 3 way!
Berserker Bear - 60HP - He is like a Cave Bear but moves as X2 speed!
Shock Monkey - 40HP - He throws lighting shots and they could hit other goodguys!
Miku Hatsune - 100HP - She has a microphone and she smacks toward the player.
Decade Biscuit - 200HP - He has a shocking and poisoning attack!
Master Zoid - 1000HP - He shoots a group of missiles to hit the player!
Baron von Frostburn - 400HP - He does a lot of frost attacks!
Rocket Trooper - 200HP - He lobs missiles!
Machine-Gun Trooper - 200HP - He shoots lots of bullets!
Stinky Sock - 45HP - He can shoot poison bullets!
Elite Minibot - 15HP - He can shoot 2 bullets!
Poison Turret - 70HP - He can shoot poison!
Lighting Turret - 70HP - He shoots 3 lighting shots that can hit mulitple targets!
Cactus Turret - 60HP - It rapid shoots cactus points!
Elite Squash - 15HP
Elite PUMPKIN! - 15HP
Rose Bomber - 25HP - It shoots bombs out from the rose!
Happy Stick Bird - 1000HP - He shoots random bullets at all directions!
Gear Pygmy - 25HP - They spin around with a yo yo in each hand!
Cliff Mummy - 25HP - Like a mumble, but their crystal on their head can shoot a bullet!
Miku Zatsune - 500HP - A hidden monster that appears in the Bosses section in the editor, she throws several scythes that cause 15 damage and she can slash her scythe that can cause 35 damage!
Cactus Bot - 45HP - It can shoot cactus shots!
Fire Bot - 50HP - His guns can shoot fire!
Swampdog Titan - 100HP - Like a Bog Beast, but it can shoot a bomb!
Scariest Bat - 1000HP - It can shoots lots of bullets!
Farley - 1000HP - He can shoot a group of missiles!
Quiver - 120HP - Like a Autozoid, but it can shoot bullets!
Megurine Luka - 100HP - She has a whip and she uses it toward the player.
MegaBot 9000 - 1250HP - He shoots all kinds of bullets like Happy Stick Bird!
Happy Stick Shroom - 25HP - Like a Shroom, but his poison is ranged!
Eye Guy - 20HP - His eye can shoot a sharp bullet!
Bruiser - 150HP - Like Klonk, but his club can make fires!
Sugebot - 1000HP - He can slash you with his robot claws! And he could shoot lighting with his gun!
Roboclaw - 200HP - DANGER - Do not use what the player is doing! This is a claw for Sugebot.
MechaLunachick - 250HP - Like Mechabouapha, but it can shoot gray megaphone lasers!
MechaShtupidShroom - 250HP - Like Shtupid Shroom but it can shoot gray poison spits!
Owl - 25HP - It pecks the player!
Elite Owl - 50HP - It has a stronger peck!
Lighting Punch - 25HP - It's punch can zap!
Fire Punch - 25HP - It's punch does flames!
Frost Punch - 25HP - It's punch does a ice mist!
Poison Punch - 25HP - It's punch does poison!
Torpedo Mama Spider - 250HP - It can shoot torpedoes!
Ice Hound - 25HP - Watch out! It can freeze the player!
Hot Dog - 25HP - Like the Ice Hound, but it can do flames!
Micro Robopumpkin - 25HP - It can shoot a sharp bullet!
Zipper Space Ship - 25HP - It can shoot bullets in a zipper form!

Special Features

Music Composer - So players won't have to play Stockboy Music Composer to make their own songs.
Tile Bulider - Tiles can be bulit on this bulider without MS Paint.
Monster Maker - Bored with the same monsters in the game? Use it to make new monsters and their attacks!

Expansion Packs

Kid Mystic Pack - Includes graphics and music and includes a new character called Kid Mystic, when Kid Mystic gets a Supreme Squeezy Cheese, he gets the ultmate weapon in Kid Mystic and he can shoot homing skulls!

Bonus Character Pack - 3 new characters! Featuring Robot and Swampdog and Toad!

Eddie Galaxy Pack - Including a new character called Eddie Galaxy and the enemies in the game and the music!

Derelict Pack - Features the enemies and the music in the game!

Price - 39.95$

Bonus Goodguys

Good Squash - 15HP - Like a regular Squash, but he has more health and he is a good squash!
Good PUMPKIN! - 15HP - That pumpkin looks good!
Elite BuddyBot - 15HP - He can shoot 2 bullets!
Prototype Punch - 100HP - His punch does a exploding attack!
Wacky Rat a tat - 20HP - Like a Rat a Tat, but he is a goodguy type!
Good Clone - 128HP - Same as a Evil Clone, but it dosen't need specials to make it!
Helicopter - Can fly over obstacles but not walls.
Boat - Can float on water and Bouapha still can use hammers!
Buddy Swampdog - 25HP - Like the Swampdog, but its a goodguy type
Snowboard - Can go on snow, it looks like a real snowboard!

Doom Bunny Hunter - Defeat 100 doom bunnies.
Doom Bunny Soldier - Defeat 250 doom bunnies.
Doom Bunny Assassin - Defeat 500 doom bunnies.
Doom Bunny Ultimate Hunter - Defeat 1000 doom bunnies, wow!
Robot Player - Complete a world with Robot, Only found in the Extra Character Pack!
Vampire Hunter - Defeat 200 vampires, 150 dark vampires, 100 spikys.
Miku Zatsune - Something's hidden in the bosses section in the editor.
Revenge Of Miku Zatsune - Defeat Miku Zatsune!
Completer - Complete 100 levels
Super Completer - Complete 250 levels.
Mega Completer - Complete 500 levels.
Ultra Completer - Complete 1000 levels. wow!
Boss Master - Defeat 10 of each boss in the game!

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