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Default Moltanem2000's BHE Surprise

Well if you've looked at my Signature at all for the last month or so, you would have seen my BHE surprise progress, such was as shown:

BHE: Enemies: x% Levels: x% Menu: x%

well this and other clues i dropped may have lead you to believe that my surprise was a game. if you thought it was a game, then i got you! prepare to be surprised by:


Costume corner is a deposit of tonnes and tonnes of Costume Party info, its almost complete except for the fact that a new pack was added this morning :P

anyways, please check it out even if you don't play Costume Party, it took me alot of work to complete!

Click the link! Now! or else!
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Default Re: Moltanem2000's BHE Surprise

Haha, nice surprise.
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