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Default Where do I go to learn about Newmumu?

I still don't know what's going on here. What are monster trading cards? What is the awesomeness bar? What is "Hang Out" for? As you see, I'm confused. Where would I go to get these (and most likely more to come) questions answered?
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Default Re: Where do I go to learn about Newmumu?

Currently, nowhere, but this thread seems as good a place as any.

'Hang Out' takes you to your Dumb Page, which has a bunch of stuff added to it. You also go there to search through other people's pages.

To view your monster cards, go to http://hamumu.com/searchfolks.php?o=mons. They don't do anything yet, but you can give them to others on their dumb page, it's called a 'Monstergram' and it costs you Y$5, but you don't lose your copy of the card.

Awesomeness is based on a bunch of things, click your awesomeness bar (on your dumb page) to see what you've done and what you need to do.
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Default Awesomeness Meter and Monster Cards

Is there a wiki out there describing what the monster cards are, how to earn them, etc. Also, how does one increase their awesomeness meter? Thanks.

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Default Re: Awesomeness Meter and Monster Cards

Click the awesomeness meter to find out how to increase your awesomeness. As for monster cards, currently they are mainly there "for show" and the only way to receive them seems to be to get them from other people; at least nobody has discovered any other ways so far.

EDIT: Further details are probably going to be added to the help section of the site once the current site gets past its beta stage.

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