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Lord of Blobs
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Default Lands of Infinity

Now remeber back when i attempted to make a forum game type thing, called bio-somthing(Heck i forgot it)?
Well im gonna try a new one. An awesome one.

In lands of infinity, you Are in a world known as the nexus. It is a link between Hundreds of thousands of Universes. Everything from an upside down medieval land of chivalry, to a Shark infested world of pirates and treasure. You go through portals that open all throughout the universes to get to each other. You collect items, and change your character as you go. You can pretty much be whatever the heck you want! Heres some examples:
A Dire centaur, Who was trained in the ways of magic to become a Archmage.
A Child from a industrial Polluted world with no family, who runs away to look for a better life.
A Cat who after being part of a genetic experiment, is now Intelligent and Strong.

See? Pretty much you can be whatever, and change it as you go.
You can also make up EVERYTHING. And i mean EEEVVERRYYTHHINNG
Or you can immerse yourself in worlds of your favorite video games or comics and such.
It doesn't matter. As long as the nexus stays connected, you can be anyone, go anywhere, and do anything in this game.

Pretty sweet huh?
UPDATE: The Website is done! (For now)
If you had previously registered with the Biogen Rpg, your Account has been transfered to this site including all your Munnys, and Such.

Play Lands Of Infinity!

Tell me what you think when your done.

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Conspiracy Wizard
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Default Re: Lands of Infinity

I decide to be god.
I crush the whole world of infinity.
You and your friends are dead.
Game Over.
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Dumb Person
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Default Re: Lands of Infinity

I think this sounds like a great idea. There is the potential to be very creative. However, even though this is total mayhem I think we still have to be respectful of others. Even while being silly we need to acknowledge hard work where it exists, and not just blurt out whatever random garbage comes out of our heads, thereby vandalizing something that someone else has worked hard upon.

I would like to be a time traveling, dimension hopping guy. sort of like a time lord. More details to follow.
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. Yellow Wizard .
Cliffy1000 Eater
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Default Re: Lands of Infinity

I am a genius who tinkers with machinery and has made lots of inventions.
In other words, a gadget lord.
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Dumb Person
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Default Re: Lands of Infinity

My timelord guy is called Bob. He starts out in a medium, unremarkable galaxy called the Milky Way, on a planet in the galactic suburbs, called Earth, in a small town which is a satellite of a major city called Toronto. He was walking down the street after a party one day, trying not to slip on the ice and snow, when he saw what appeared to be a ripple in space and time. "It looks warmer in there," he thought, stepping towards it. The next thing he knew he was on a tropical beach, and an octopoid waiter was asking him for a drink order. "Did I eat something funny back at that party?" he wondered.
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