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The Kid Mystic
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Default Yerfdog=Copyright

LOL I was on bing and i searched yerfdog and i got this site
Its a company that sells go karts.
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Default Re: Yerfdog=Copyright

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Default Re: Yerfdog=Copyright

LOL! my Freind has one!
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Default Re: Yerfdog=Copyright

Old news is old.
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Exploder of Communist Penguins
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Default Re: Yerfdog=Copyright

Originally Posted by Redbone View Post
Old news is old.
Drat, you stole my line

Redbone has earned title: Stealer of Lines!
Sigs are for the weak.
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Lynch: Drgamer
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Default Re: Yerfdog=Copyright

He didn't steal your line. Unless you tried to steal that line from the internets. You shouldn't steal from the internets.
Short story stuff!
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Sonic Rainboom!
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Default Re: Yerfdog=Copyright

Originally Posted by death View Post
ohai ther u stole my line
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