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Default Gamepad Drivers

So, i picked up a game controller at the DI (Deseret industries, mostly only in Utah),
And i wanted to set it up. BUT, i did not have the drivers. So i googled em up, And it seems THE ONLY DRIVER SITES.... Are all Asking you to download DUMB PROGRAMS (Not good dumb), AND MESS EVERYTHING UP! I Just want the drivers! Sheesh!

Anywho, I cannot find them anywhere, since all driver sites in existence do this kind of stuff.

The controller i am Attempting to set up is a Propad 6 Game controller by Interact-Europe (At least i think so, when i googled them i got some pretty strange website descriptions...), But it also says PERFORMANCE on the back and front. Not sure what that is. Im really scared of searching for these drivers now, cause all these websites seem kinda shady.

If you guys know of a site that actually HAS drivers, and not links to stupid ads for dumb programs, then could you let me know? I really want to start using my controller.

And yes, i already set it up through The Control panel.

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Default Re: Gamepad Drivers

They didn't come with a disc with drivers, or gave you them when you plugged them in or anything?

Your best bet is to just go to the gamepad's website, rather than random other sites.
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Default Re: Gamepad Drivers

As i said doesn't really have a website. I mean i googled the company name, but the Descriptions of the site, REALLY scared me. I Mean seriously:

"InterAct Europe
EEIG is a network of independent legal practices, whose members act for business clients with cross-border interests, and are located in ..."
That has nothing to do with game controllers in ANY WAY.

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