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Default title of some kind in english

Whispers slither over
the cold floor
to where I sit in
the shadowed corner...
Cruel laughter taunts
me as I keep my
breathing silent...
I can't let them find me...
They know I'm here
in the pitch dark room...
they are searching
plotting, planning
And laughing as
they laugh every night
while they hunt me...
I crouch deeper into
the corner...
those footsteps were
right beside me...
Panic thickens in
my throat as I try to
scream, listening to the
low growl signifying victory...
cold hands close around
my throat and arms...
The light flashes on
in the cold grey room
empty of all but me and
a man in uniform at the door...
He walks softly to me
straps me back in bed...
He softly says that nothing
is in here with me...
I'm hearing voices again...
I cry that it's a lie
They're real, they're here...
A hypodermic in the arm
and he leaves me alone again...
Light extinguished once more
I lie quaking on the bed...
Drifting into a sleep
I can't take the luxury of...
That cold laughter
echoes once more from
corner and the footsteps
are coming closer, closer...
I try to scream
but the hand is closed
around my throat again
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Default Re: title of some kind in english

This reminds me of that one time back at summer camp... oh boy.
I apologize - the preceding post was a massive waste of your time.

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