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Question Any Advanced "Windows Movie Maker" Programs?

I've been useing Windows Movie Maker, But I whatched BtD 6 and I saw Jamul was useing a program that 'looked' like WMM, But was slightly different. So my question is whats the program Jamul was useing, And does anyone know of any other Advanced "Windows Movie Maker" Programs?
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Default Re: Any Advanced "Windows Movie Maker" Programs?

Sony Vegas. Very nice!
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Default Re: Any Advanced "Windows Movie Maker" Programs?

Sony Vegas indeed! there are a few different versions of it, one around 50$, another around 140$, and a third around 500$. The 50$-ish one would probably work for you. I'm not sure about it's features, since I have the middle one, but it will most likely give you all of the WMM features but with more customization. (Choosing where the text goes, stuff like that).

There's also Adobe After Effects, but that's in the 1000$ range.

There might be something else out there that's better than WMM and free, but I'm not aware of it. And you can just google "Sony Vegas" or whatever if you're interested.

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Default Re: Any Advanced "Windows Movie Maker" Programs?

Maybe try Wax, from Debugmode. It's free, and I've downloaded it but haven't done a whole lot with it.
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