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Hammer Up!
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Default Assassin Signups!

Well, I decided to host one myself, so here it is!

Assassin: Hamumu Edition

The game is simple: kill or be killed.

After the list of live players is established and displayed in this post, everyone will receive a PM from the host with their target. Every single player is the same: an assassin. Your job is to kill your target. After your kill, your target will forward you the host's PM with *their* target, and you will continue hunting down the chain. (this will be easily understood once you begin playing)

The twist: You don't know who your next target is, and you don't know who is hunting you!
How to Kill
There are a few ways to kill, each with varying degrees of stealth.
1. The Silent Forum Kill - If you and your target are the *only* assassins viewing the forums at the time, you can screenshot it at the main page to kill your target. However, any live players of this game will act as a witness and prevent the kill. Any other forumers not involved in this game do not prevent attacks. This will form alliances and much inter-assassin talk/coordination. Note: this kill option can be removed in the later stages of the game.

2. The Open Forum Kill - In the forums, an exposed kill involves posting the word "assassination" or "assassinate" anywhere within a post directly after your target's post. You may not necro an old thread to achieve this goal, and are restricted to posts created after the game begins and at the Total Mayhem only. You may use any form of trickery or exploit except using images, so long as it is a single text word and present at all times. Text must be normal English, not vertical, backwards, or encoded displays. Editing posts immediately stops any game action. It must be in the post itself, and not in a signature or other constant display. The advantage of this adds a bit of sneakiness to the game for the assassin, but the drawback is that you may be discovered. PLUS, your target may be saved if any other live player denotes that they are witnessing the attempt within 40 minutes of it in the same thread. Typing "saved" or "witness", for example, counts as such an indication.
General Rules
To complete a kill, you must send both your target and the host a PM with the proof of kill (either a forum link or screenshot as appropriate based on the kill type). After verifying the kill, your target should then forward you their own target, and in doing so, remove themselves from the game. The host will keep track of the game's progress behind the scenes, confirm every kill, and settle disputes. All PMs related to this game should be fowarded to the host.

If someone claims they have killed you and the host is not fowarded on the PM, it does not count and you should refuse to forward them your target. When you forward the PM to your target, please leave any "quote" tags, so people can see the order of people already dead. This can be used as a tactical advantage, as individual deaths will not be publicly known.

Once you die, you may not talk about how you were killed or who killed you so as not to uncover your killer's tactics. You may however return to this thread to say you have died. Assassins are allowed to publicly post their own kills if they wish. (At the end of the game we'll all compare kills openly.) The first post will contain a list of ALL starting assassins, and the NUMBER of live players ONLY.

This game has no set time frame. Some days will have a ton of activity, while others have none. However, you must make a kill attempt on your target at least once per week, else you automatically die (you may assassinate as many targets as you can in a week). If you are completely inactive from the forum for four consecutive days, you automatically die. You may not use secondary accounts in any way to help yourself with this game. Players can report such inactivity to the host via PM.

The game ends when only two assassins remain, each one holding the other person's name as their target.

This game is about being the last one standing. You need to kill everyone you can, but you can *not* do it alone. Your fellow players are your only chance at survival as they are your witnesses. No kill can be complete with a witness watching. Form your alliances well, be sure to check for white text, always be on the lookout for who might kill you. Sneakiness is encouraged.
The winners will get 25 Y$ each.
Signups will end at the first day of November!
There is no signup limit!
This game needs at least 8 players to start, and if there isn't 8+ players at Nov. 2, the game will never start!


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Is a ninja
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Default Re: Assassin Signups!

I'll totally play.
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Peanut Gallery
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Default Re: Assassin Signups!

I'm in! After all, I am a Ninja!!
There is no such thing as a stupid idea.

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Default Re: Assassin Signups!

eh sure
Originally Posted by SpaceManiac View Post
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/me kills everyone

I WIN!!!
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Default Re: Assassin Signups!

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Hammer Up!
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Default Re: Assassin Signups!

Come on, people! The deadline is coming and I only got 5 people! I need 3 more so the game can start when we have reached the deadline!
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. Yellow Wizard .
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Default Re: Assassin Signups!

...sign, i guess.
EDIT: Hey, about the silent forum kill. "screenshot" it? What does that mean?

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Hammer Up!
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Default Re: Assassin Signups!

Print Screen it, paste it into any painting program, save it, upload it and send it to me.

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