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Default Forum Games Survey-thing

I was really bored so I wrote up a little statistics thing on the first page of Total mayhem and its population of web-games and RPGs. There's a few percentages and stats like that, but it's mostly just a gathering of statistics anyone could find by looking on the main TM page. Anyways, I screenied it and put it in the below spoiler. Careful; it might be huge depending on your monitor. Or really small. Sorry if you have to squint a bit.

EDIT: if it's WAY too small open the image in a new tab and click on it. Should help a bit.


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Default Re: Forum Games Survey-thing

Are you adding only the games that ended/started quite recently (except for EVORPG by Superdale, which last post was quite recent) and the games that are still running?

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Default Re: Forum Games Survey-thing

He's using the ones on the first page.
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Default Re: Forum Games Survey-thing

3 years?! daaang. SWRPG HAS been around for awhile.
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