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King of the Boneheads
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Default Happy Birthday Seamonkey!

Happy B-day dude (Hoping you are of the male gender)

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Eyeball Tree Of Fury!
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Thumbs down Re: Happy Birthday Seamonkey!

Originally Posted by Boneheads1999
OMGosh... Awkward... Practically everybody here is a guy. There are some Females, Such as you ChefPuppy (Well, That's what TJ told me) Manga Chic, and.. SpiderPumpkin? But SpiderPumpkin was banned (from request) so she doesn't count. (That is, if it was a she.) Now then, let's not change the subject:
:\ Anyways, Happy Birthday!
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Insert some Random Title here.
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Default Re: Happy Birthday Seamonkey!

...Well HSB posted the awkward... Happy birthday anyway!

The Random Signature 2.0, now with 8% more POOTIS!
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spoon eater
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Default Re: Happy Birthday Seamonkey!

Thanks! (yes I am male), seeing my family after 4 weeks of camp was fun.
French fry Kremlin the morose nucleotides!-Jamul
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Default Re: Happy Birthday Seamonkey!

Happy (belated) birthday!
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A Good Knight
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Default Re: Happy Birthday Seamonkey!

Hope you had a great birthday! May this next year be awesome!

P.s. Sorry this is late
Yes, nothing is here.
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