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Yerfdog Hamumu Memories

What is your favourite Hamumu memory? Heck, what are ANY memories you have on this site? Through it's games, the chat, the forums, mafia... Anything Hamumu-related.

I'm not going to deny it. Things have changed, and honestly, I don't think they'll ever return to the way they used to be. But instead of wanting to bring back something long past, why don't we re-live what we liked about this site so much? Through our memories, I mean.

I remember as a kid, of about twelve or so, I was testing Kid Mystic. I was so happy. It was my favourite game ever. Previous to testing, I had always wandered through the grass in one specific level, trying to find the handle of the Armageddon Sword. I was ecstatic when I found it. I kept trying to get my mom's attention, even though she was on phone. Took ten whole minutes for her to look at the screen. XD

I also remember back when the only Hamumu chat was Bribble. It was an entirely different chat system. There were chat themes, LOTS of chat games going on, and anywhere from 5-18 users were on the chat at any given time. It was awesome. One day Hammered was modding the chat, and she had to go away for a bit. Everyone left in the chat was playing a chat game, but things got a bit out of control. Everyone was play-fighting and such, (We were also breaking the rules a little...) and when Hammered got back, she scolded everyone. Heheh, I never forgot that.

What are YOUR memories?
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Default Re: Hamumu Memories

The old chat from the time when I joined. I always liked it, because it was more fun becaused the people there were active most of the time, and because of the constant chat games.

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Default Re: Hamumu Memories

I'll just say the words "Great Pumpkin" and leave it at that.
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Default Re: Hamumu Memories

I wasn't here at the bribble chat era, so I'm going to say the last chat we had with its own page. You know, the one that used to kick everyone out at random intervals. It was more effective than the one we have now. Multiple PM windows could be open at the same time, the chat window was much bigger and messages didn't get lost that fast, text color and I think some other attributes too could be adjusted, which was awesome, and most importantly, there were almost no lurkers, as you had to go to the chatroom's page to use the chatroom. It was great.

Members leaving was always a bad thing. We have lost quite a large number of great users.

Of course the Dr.Lunatic engine was amazing, and I feel the pain was shared among the community when it was retired.

Even though I have gotten used to it, I can't say I like the Clubhouse more than I liked Hamumu Software. In my opinion, there are two things that constitute Hamumu: The userbase and the games. Most of the time spent on the website has to do with the userbase, so trying to fancy it up won't really work in the long run. The games have lost their Hamumuiness, but the community is worth staying for. What the community always needs, is something to bind it together. Many things have served that purpose. The Dr.Lunatic engine games, Costume party, Mafia, events and Minecraft are some. I predict My little pony will serve that purpose once season two comes out. The point I am making here is that the clubhouse isn't as functioning as the old site, and is thus inferior to it, as what the community needs from a website is a good and solid frame to work with, not fancy graphics and a chatroom that is open on all the 237 tabs you use to browse the forum.

tl;dr: Hamumu has jumped the shark, but the community hasn't.
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Default Re: Hamumu Memories

I remember when people didn't try to tell Jamul how to run his business, and how everyone was funny. Now, however, a common theme seems to be 'hey, make more Dr. L like games'. Also, the level of original injokes is terrible, with any appearing being held be by a handful of people.

This change is probably due to the forum's age. It's pre-Youtube. pre-Wikipedia. Hamumu is Internet prehistory. Memes use to be confined to single boards as injokes. Then it arrived, and anyone could turn a stupid statement into a 'joke'. A 'joke' that would be taken to every corner of the Internet. Poured onto threads because lulz. Internet Memes were born. And they killed the injokes.

Hamumu as a company is not in decline. It's doing better than ever. The community may be. People don't think. They repeat. The incessant, pointless rehash of jokes that died years ago. A moderator quit because of this. The moderator whose job was to regulate that madness. Hamumu needs to recarve a niche. Beyond Mafia. Maifa is cool.

Well that turned out bitter. And Roleless Mafia, as I insist on calling it, wasn't a fun Mafia memory. But Pointless Stories, Silly Summers, Murderous Mafias and Unmentioned Others have happened, and can happen again. Huzzah!
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Default Re: Hamumu Memories

Zombie Survival. We need to do something like that again.
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Default Re: Hamumu Memories

Originally Posted by hyperme View Post
I remember when people didn't try to tell Jamul how to run his business
Obviously we can't ultimately control him, but at the same time it's silly to pretend some of us like the new games better than the old ones. I've enjoyed some of them quite a bit, but I'm guessing I would've like HPG better.
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Default Re: Hamumu Memories

Hamumu Memories... heh.

I would post a nice long post about my memories here... but my memory for things in the past is a bit spotty.

I will admit though that even though things have changed, this site still gave me happiness after school and on the weekends. I remember the Bribble chat, then replaced by the one with the dedicated window that used to randomly kick people. I'd chat on PMs with everyone, chat games were rampant, and I'd talk with SP and such. Those days are long past now. Being a fur consumes my life now, and I'm happy for that fact.

This site changed me into the man I am today and for that I thank it. My brother and I still play Loonyland, Stockboy, Dr. Lunatic, everything that made us laugh and entertained us through the years. I've been thinking of joining mafia again, since a good mafia game doesn't happen very often online it seems.

BTW, if anyone wants to contact me, feel free to add me on skype or MSN/WLM, I don't bite and I certainly don't mind a good conversation with people. (I don't go to ICQ anymore though, I should change my sig)
I am not here anymore alas. Anyone is welcome to IM me or email me attheninjaoffrozenmilk@hotmail.com, my Skype is Yukigo_Kurosaki
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Default Re: Hamumu Memories

I became active on the forums at a time when activity here was at an all-time high. Hammered was still the only moderator back then, and all the old members like SpiderPumpkin and Coolguy were some of the most active around.

The happiest Hamumu memory I can recall was the day I finally completed the Demo Version of Supreme With Cheese. It took me almost half a year to finish it ... all because I didn't know that I needed to pick up a few barrels in one level of Oregon Trail. During this period, I kept wandering around the SpisMall, looking at everything that was locked out from the Demo Version and just letting the desire to own the Full Version eat my heart out. I knew then that this was a game I wanted really badly. Never have I felt such a strong desire to own a game since the first day I played RollerCoaster Tycoon at my cousin's house.

Hamumu Chat back then was fantastic. I came in too late to experience Hamumu Chat on the Bribble system, but just in time to experience it in a separate browser window. It was so many times more active than today's HamChat. There were chat games, there were chat rooms, and we chatted in all the colours of the rainbow. Truly glorious times.

What I do nowadays on this site is to look around. The place is a museum with parts of the building collapsed. The collapsed area houses SpaceBoy v0.7, those weird comics (e.g. Pete's Tank [boom]), the wallpapers and the x number of dumb people browsing that page. I'm no longer as interested to play the games as I'm more interested in seeing how a company founded during an age where games were made out of passion is holding up in an age where most video games are created out of a desire to make money.
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