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King of the Boneheads
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Default Halloween: Traditions

Here, you can post things you and your family/some friends do every year on halloween.

Basically, the point of this is, we trade amounts of candy because maybe some of us want a bunch of one candy while the other wants something you have and the other has something you want. You trade.

Once we're done Trick-or-treating, we all go back to my house, clear out a spot in the basement, and pour out our candy. We organize it all, then start looking at the others' piles and find the things we like.

Here's an example:

Let's say I see a King-size Crunch bar in my brother's pile. He says "Meh, I don't really care for crunch bars, you can have it." So then he looks in my pile, and finds a small pile (10-15) of Tootsie Rolls, and says he likes that more. So, we trade.

That's how it works. Then, in the end, we all have the candy we like. Yay!
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Inanimate Carbon Rod
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Default Re: Halloween: Traditions

I sit in my room and try to pass the time until I can eat the leftover candy.
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.Blue Dwarf.
King of the Shrooms
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Default Re: Halloween: Traditions

I go to my grandpa's house and eat delicious chili.
It's not so much a party really, but sometimes quite a few extended family members show up and good times are had by all.
They always have a ton of candy too, for the trick or treaters and for us.
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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Pinkie Pirate!
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Default Re: Halloween: Traditions

Not really a tradition but i am going to make it one... Basically, the supermarket has pick n mix, where you can get a mixture of various lolly s for $10 per kilo. (normally 13.5 but its Halloween so yay.) Because marshmallows weigh next to nothing, i can get about 250 giant marshmallows for $10. Thus, i get fat but ah well, its haloween.
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