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Default Yerfbucks Ideas

I got an Idea. I think it's pretty cool IMO, but some of you may think otherwise.

So there's this bank. You can deposit Yerfbucks and withdraw Yerfbucks. If you deposit Yerfbucks in an "Intrest Holder" which costs 25 YB$ a piece. If you put, say, 10 yerfbucks in an Intrest Holder, and keep it there for a month, then after that month, 1 yerfbuck will add to the 10 yerfbucks.
Basically, it adds 10% per month.
However, then you wouldn't get much Yerfbucks.

Okay, maybe like this. You would put 1 yerfbuck into an Intrest Holder. Every day, 0.10% gets added. Then, after the first day, it would say "Balance: 1.1 YB$" when you withdraw it, you would then get 1+ yerfbucks. And when you put it back in the intrest holder/bank account, it would have gone back to 1 yerfbuck. ha. so never take it out.

(stole name, but if SM never puts it back upwhich he shouldthen jamul should make it)
Description: Basically, you would walk around this little world and fight monsters for yerfbucks.

When you go to the game, it would start up like MHD, with the Hamumu Software blue sign thing and the loading percent text.
It will have "Single Player" and "Multi-Player". Single player would just generate some random world every time, and you could fight the monsters by yourself.
On multi-player, it would load up the same world everytime (unless Jamul decides to change it) and has a lower spawn chance of monsters.
It has all the same weapons as TGPF, and if you are idle for 10 minutes, you get disconnected. Every 10 minutes you gain a Random Item.
~Mummy [Gives 1 Damage per touch]-{life of 5}
~Pumpkin [Gives 2 Damage per touch]-{life of 7}
~Spider [Gives 3 Damge per Bite]-{life of 10}
~Dr.Lunatic [Gives 5 Damage per Hit]-{life of 15}
~Bjorn [Gives 10 Damage per Spike]-{life of 25}
~King Cone [Gives 12 Damage per Cone]-{life of 38}
~Countess [Gives 14 Damage per Jump]-{life of 45}
~The Thing (only found in lava pools) [Gives 15 Damage per Slap]-{life of 60}
~Super Duper Zombie (dr.lunatic turns into this when dead) [Gives 19 Damage per Shake]-{life of 85}
~Pony (only found on Magical Grass) [Gives 25 Damage per Rainbow Zap]-{life of 100}

Mummy: 0.5 YBs
Pumpkin: 0.6 YBs
Spider: 0.7 YBs
Dr.Lunatic: 1 YB
Bjorn: 3 YBs
King Cone: 4 YBs
Countess: 4 YBs
The Thing: 5 YBs
Super Duper Zombie: 5.5 YBs
Pony: 10 YBs

-Grass/Dirt: Plain ol' Block.
-Sand: Higher chance of Spiders on this.
-Magic Grass: Ponies spawn on this stuff.
-Stone: Found 16 Blocks underground. Much higher chance of Mummies found on this. (aka in caves)
-Water: You go 1/4 slower in this stuff. If you stay in it for 10 seconds, you lose 5 yerfbucks and respawn.
-Lava: The Things are found in this stuff. For every second you're in this, you lose half a yerfbuck.

sorry guys, it's 12:33 am right now, and I have gotta go to sleep. Might write up some more crap for this whole HamPlat thing, but if I do, it's for sure gonna be tommorow.
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Default Re: Yerfbucks Ideas

I don't like the sound of games costing Y$.

Also, I think that hamplat should be excluded from suggestions. It was my idea to suggest a platformer where you play as Hamumu avatars (though I suspect it had been thought of many a time before that) when BD and SM were asking for ways that we as a community could unite each other, and I would prefer to keep it that way. Jamul's support of it should it ever be remade/finished is another matter, but we'll cross that bridge only if it appears.

I do think a Y$ bank would be cool, but I doubt it would happen.
Back to the roots: Lets put the Hamumu back into Hamumu Forums!
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Default Re: Yerfbucks Ideas

Keep in mind that real banks can give you interest because they invest your money for you and take 99% of the profits of said investments. Yerfbucks are, essentially, real money: you can spend them, 100YB=1USD, on games here. However, Jamul cannot invest it and make a profit off our money, so interest would literally be him giving us free money, which would be a really bad thing for him.
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