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magic fly
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Default daydreams.

what kind of daydreams do you have?
can you tell us the story?

I tend to have sad action fantasy daydreams.

one of mine started like this
A boy found a dragon egg ect ect ect, you've all heard this one.
But the boy had a health issue and lost his orientation when he focused too much on something.
The dragon, fearing that he would become the mockery of the ages left to find a new master.
The boy's mark of a dragon trainer turned red due to the lost contract. The symbol of a failed trainer. Failed trainers usually fail because thier dragon dies, and as such are hunted down for the crime.
the boy is hunted down. and meets somebody who helps him. stuff happens and they become great friends.
The boy finds a doctor who, unlike the others was able to find the boy's problem. The boy had too much power contained in him and when he had his dizzy spells it was his magic overflowing. The boy learns magic so he can cast spells to use up the excess magic in him.
a group of mages who are trying to upturn the government kill the boy's friend.
revenge ensues.
boy meets dragon who was also fighting the group.
Epic chaos ensues as they clash. thats all i daydreamed up in this story.

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Secretly Dr. Lunatic
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Default Re: daydreams.

I always create movie screenplays in my head based off events that are happening Music playing in the background or Different shots it might show :P.

I also love creating pictures to monologues, making scenes and pictures to reference the back-story.
Not exactly daydreams but close enough to show my weirdness.
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forever gone
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Default Re: daydreams.

i have music in my head
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. Yellow Wizard .
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Default Re: daydreams.

Originally Posted by yourter12 View Post
i have music in my head
i too have music in my head
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