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Default It's WAR (an RPG)

In this RPG, you start as a n00b and upgrade your stuff with the goal of turning into a Master Soldiers

Start out with the STATS:

- Rank: n00b
- Armor: Old Leather Helmet; Old Leather Torso; Old Leather Leggings; Old Leather Boots
- Equipment: Compass; Pack of 200 bullets
- Sack Size: 10 Items max.
- Tools: Rusty Old Pistol
- WarBucks: W$50

There's 20 Ranks. First being n00b, and last being Master Soldier.

There's 30 types of Helmets, Torsos, Leggings, and Boots. First one being Old Leather, last being Extreme-shiny Diamond w/ Bounce-off

There's 10 types of size of Bullet Packs, first one being 50 Bullets, last one being 5000 Bullets. There's a bunch of other stuff you can find on the ground during War, and plenty of stuff in the Goods shop.

There's 5 sizes of your sack (sack to hold your stuff in), first one being Tiny (10 items max.), last one being (100 items max.)

There's 50 different Weapons, Ranging from Rusty Old pistol to Diamond-laced Bazooka 5000.

WarBucks can be spent on new Armor, Weapons, Sacks, Equipment, and more.

You just got accepted into the WAY-AR War Center and are about to start your first day against the Colborians, with 'yer rusty old pistol.

If war isn't going on, you can go to the shop and get ready for the next War Session.

There's 3 shops.

- ANTHONY'S ARMOR (Armor, duh)
- GREG'S GOODS (Anything bought here will go into the Equipment section)

It is almost time to go to bed. Once you wake up, you eat Breakfast get ready, then it's the VERY FIRST WAR SESSION of 2012.

No limit to sign ups, And you can sign up at ANY POINT in the game.


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