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King of the Boneheads
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Default MOVED!

Haldo guys, sorry I haven't made a thread in a while.
It's because my family and I have been soupa-busy Packing up to move 5 hours away.
Anyway, so we're FINALLY moved. And there's pros and cons to the new city.

We went to the theater last night for Family Movie Night and it was awesome.
We saw Chipwrecked, and the popcorn & drinks were under $5 for popcorn for each of us w/ drinks. And the theater seats are MUCH, MUCH bigger then the one back at our old town.
We don't have any neighbors, so our puppies barking in the backyard won't make anyone call the cops on us or complain to us or anything like that.
Mine & my Bro (wedxzas) 's room is a bit more then twice as big as our old room.
We have a good amount and size of rooms:
Parent's Room
Parent's sitting Room
Sister & Other Sister's Room
Sister's Room
Mine & Brother's Room
Living Room
Mud Room
Family Room
[not a room, but it's like 2 acres] Backyard

The only actual cons are that we don't have much neighbors, and the closest family to us is half a mile.
We're just renting for now, but I've already made my vote that we Buy the house.
Also, if you're wondering, the town we moved to is Lewiston, Utah.
I love the Town, since Logan is just about 20min away, and there's TONS of stuff to do there (bus stop about 3min away from home, which is free and leads to Logan)

Questions and comments below.
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Mustachioed Ninja Duck
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Default Re: MOVED!

Me gusta Logan.
One does not simply WALK into Mordor. It's best to have epic background music while you charge boldly in.
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Secretly Dr. Lunatic
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Default Re: MOVED!

Sounds cool!
We are GWF. You will be assmilated. Your post making distinctiveness will be added to our own. You threads will be adapted to serve us. Resistance is Futile.
When life gives you lemons? Don't make lemonade. Make life take the Lemons back! Get Mad! I don't want your lemons! What am I supposed to do with these?
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Inanimate Carbon Rod
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Default Re: MOVED!

Just my two cents, but you seem to post an obscenely large amount of personally identifiable information for a person of your age.
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