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Yerfdog Need Some Music Please

So I decided to do one thing at a time and I decided to work on a game
called "Under The Grave I".The only problem is that I am not a good music
maker.So anyway,I need 10 really good music peices,I will give 10 yerfbucks
per music peice.

Infromation about game:
>Has Ghosts and demons in it
>Has a Sketchy and artistic look to it
>Is a 2.5 dimensional Adventure game

I would like the music to be similar to Jamuls music peices called
"Asylumbigboss" and The cavernous caves level music and The boss
forest music.

If anyone has any questions just feel free to ask me.
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Default Re: Need Some Music Please

Knock yourself out.
And you don't have to pay them ten cents, either.

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Default Re: Need Some Music Please

Alternatively, take a leaf out of Jamul's book.
"The Burninator is an enigmatic weapon. Apparently forged in the medieval ages by a wizard who loved fireballs, the Burninator is regarded in legend as the ultimate fusion between arcane combustion and napalm technology."
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