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Default so i started something or what is this too many pollings?

guys there weren't even that many polls.

i made like two.

they weren't even out of the TM variance.

there might of been another by someone else know as RC to acronym man.

Look the point is that nothing would of gone this badly if a certain person had actually performed his duties as co-host and I'm still not sure why I didn't make the 'SpaceManiac should loss hosting rights' thread because that was the second time he completely abandoned a game. Yes Official Permission Bukkit or what have you but you still need to do stuff if you said you'd do it. It feels like I'm the only one who cares, because everyone else seemed to ignore the whole 'stall a Mafia a game for over a week' thing. People even sent him PMs about it. And bet someone (you know you are) will be like 'but all the things he did!'. well sometimes you have to measure a man not by what he does, but what he does not.

man what a downwards mood swing. seriously. should of watched more ASMT reruns. but sometimes you just need to let out your feelings, and I've never done this kind of thing here before so it feels kind of... I dunno, stuff.

still gonna go Boris next run, hyperme.
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Default Re: so i started something or what is this too many pollings?

I can't even find what you're talking about in the second bit (or rather, how it relates...) I thought it was cute and random till people started copying though...
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Default Re: so i started something or what is this too many pollings?

I'm pretty sure hyperme means that if SM wouldn't slow down the hosting of Mafia 19, he wouldn't be bored enough to make the polls.
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