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Lightbulb Post Your Pedro Kicks Back Skill Set Here!

Just out of curiosity, how many of you have played Pedro Kicks Back and reached Level 100? It's not that hard to do, but when you do reach Level 100, you will have 99 skill points to spend in any way you like, which is a lot. The question is: How would you distribute those points?

I'll start off with mine:

This set-up makes Pedro a walking tank, more or less. Punches are more or less Pedro's only viable attacking option, although kicks can be used to do solid damage against enemies while in mid-jump. Points are dumped into Fury only to utilise two skills within that category as well as possible. The primary way to use this setup is just to get right up to the enemy's face and punch the living daylights out of them. Alternatively, a well-aimed Flying Kick to the face can do wonders too. This set-up is so strong, it can usually defeat the final boss before he has the chance to get his bearings.

The main highlights of this set are the maxed out Pedro Punch combined with maxed out Pressure Points and Lightning Fist. Maxing out Fists of Fury, Gale Fist and Iron Fist causes each Pedro Punch to do 2.62 damage, for a base total damage of 15.72, with Lightning Fist hitting up to five nearby enemies for 1.2 damage per punch. A maxed out Gale Fist also causes each punch to act like a short-ranged projectile, hitting everything within it.

The flying kick is the only offensive skill given maximum points (or any points, for that matter). Damage is increased from a maxed out Feet of Fury and Steel Toes, so a Flying Kick does 9.89 damage, which is enough to OHKO most of the unarmored weaker minions or at least severely damage them enough for a KO from a follow-up Pedro Punch. Lead Foot gives Flying Kicks a bit more use, but with only a 20% chance of shattering armor, a volley of Pedro Punches usually does the job of defeating yaks faster.

All offensive Fury skills are completely neglected. Points are dumped into any skill that recharges Fury for only two passive skills: Fury Overload and Maximum Force. Inner Fury starts Pedro off with one-fifth of his maximum Fury and allows him to gain 2 Fury per second. Furious Blood adds 10 Fury for every enemy that Pedro defeats, and Heart of Fury adds 10 Fury each time he loses a heart. With these three skills maxed out, it can take less than a minute for Pedro to max out his Fury, especially in the gauntlet levels, thus activating both Fury Overload and Maximum Force at the same time. Maximum Force increases the damage of all attacks by 30% when both Health and Fury are full. With the buffs from Furious Blood, Heart of Fury and Fury Overload, as well as no offensive Fury skills to deplete this amount, Pedro becomes nigh-impossible to knock out as he will always have maximum Fury and Fury Overload will heal him each time he defeats an enemy or wait five seconds. If Pedro takes more than one heart's worth of damage, Heart of Fury will add an extra 10 Fury to trigger Fury Overload a second time.

Other skills that are maxed out are Recovery, which gives Pedro a 30% chance to heal one heart each time he defeats an enemy and a way to instantly resume moving when hit in mid-air, Raging Burro, which gives a 40% boost to Pedro's attack damage whenever he is hit, Combo Bombo, which does useful splash damage and could take out entire groups of enemies in one shot, and Crushing Blow, which allows both Pedro Punch and Flying Kick to be vastly more dangerous than they already are. The last four points are spent on Dodge to give Pedro some form of defence, although this is almost unnecessary as Raging Burro's five-second attack buff can often be put to much better use, such as knocking out whoever fired that projectile at Pedro.

  • Use the other punch types: Pedroken and Piledriver require you to hold down both the Down Arrow and Punch, which is one key more than Pedro Punch's requirement, which is to hold down Punch only. In addition, Pedroken causes knockback, which is not useful against armored enemies. Burro Bash is rather finicky, as Mighty Grab doesn't work against bosses, and you tend to charge into enemies for less damage and get hit back.
  • Max out Power Kick: Power Kick, when maxed out, adds 15% more damage to Flying Kick, but it also increases Flying Kick's knockback. This is not a problem since a flying lead-footed steel-toed power kick will certainly pulverise weaker yaks, but against armoured yaks, it will knock them away, which means you need to close the distance between them if you accidentally kick them before you complete a jump.
  • Max out Dragon Kick and Retaliate: Dragon Kick causes knockback, which is undesirable for the reasons stated above. In addition, it usually causes you to fly downwards, which is a hassle when trying to kick an enemy in mid-air and jump across platforms at the same time.
  • Add points to offensive Fury skills: There are no offensive Fury skills that offer a huge advantage to the current set-up. Firstly, all of them drain Fury, which is not helpful when attempting to activate Fury Overload's healing ability and Maximum Force's damage boost, since these two skills require maximum Fury. Furious Blast technically has a niche in that it shatters armor, but it would cancel out Fury Overload and Maximum Force's effect upon its use, and the other two abilities, when activated, can easily destroy even armored yaks in mere seconds. Furious Freeze and Deep Freeze can potentially defeat more enemies, but require ten skill points in addition to 100 Fury.
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