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Default A suggestion to combat lurkiness

Well, two. Firstly, the one that's easiest:

Add all dead players who have no unfair advantage to a replacements list. That is, any character with either no night action (generic townie, lyncher, etc) or a night action that gives no significant information to the beholder (serial killer, doctor, roleblocker to an extent, etc -- but not mafia, not cop, not gunsmith*, not mason... not any role that explicitly tells the beholder information about another player**) should be used as a replacement for other players so long as they were active before they were killed. This ensures both that the people who enjoy playing will get to play and that the game will progress quickly.


Have small games. Very small games. Like, 8 players. Have signups on a first-come basis, and quickly replace anybody who doesn't contribute to the game. This again ensures the above and is more efficient at it, but it will make games less interesting and make the people who don't get to play annoyed.

*A gunsmith can inspect a person once per night and determine if they have a gun or not.
**This is because a last gasp is not guaranteed to be true. It could lead to a situation where, for example, Player A wanted to be mafia but was cop, Player A inspects Lurker B who is mafia, Player A dies and replaces Player B without saying his inspection.
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Default Re: A suggestion to combat lurkiness

Sometimes I'm like 'man, maybe if I was like "10 yerf bucks to play, and you get them back if you aren't replaced" peep wouldn't lurk'. But them I'm like 'yeah that wouldn't work and would be too much effort'.

Really the only this to do at the moment is watch out for problem lurkers. Like SpaceManiac, who after completely ignoring a game he was mean to co-host, should be banned from mafia hosting.
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Connor S.
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Default Re: A suggestion to combat lurkiness

If you're going to create much smaller games, then there is always the possibility of having parallel games again. I always thought the distinction between the two different leagues was rather arbitrary, but separate and equal games that run concurrently could solve one of the issues.

On the other hand, if you are just funneling the same volume of people into a greater number of games, there could potentially be the same ratio of lurkers to non-lurkers, ruining two games simultaneously.

I definitely think that people need to be replaced on a much more regular basis though, for what it's worth.
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Default Re: A suggestion to combat lurkiness

I don't know what's up with Maniac. I'm guessing he has something going on IRL. If not, well, I'm disappointed in him. Even after I told him to post, and he said yes, he didn't end up doing anything.
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Default Re: A suggestion to combat lurkiness

Honestly, most of the player base just needs to understand if you sign up to a game you have a commitment to look at the thread every two or three days, and post a minimum once a week. In my humble opinion. Hosts overall need to crack down on lurkers, there was talk for a while about a mafia ban/probation list. We could consider bringing that idea back up.
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