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Secretly Dr. Lunatic
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Default Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone!! Or Any other Celebration worthy of being happy about. Hope everyone has a great one.

What did everyone do? Where did you go? What did you give as presents? What did you receive?
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Pinkie Pirate!
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Default Re: Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas All!

I got a National Geographic subscription, an old hard drive to disect, a logic puzzles book, and a water proof camera for sailing :3

#nerd XD

We didnt do much, we had some friends for dinner. They tasted pretty good. Yeah...

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Peanut Gallery
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Default Re: Happy Holidays

A day late, but Merry Dumb Christmas anyway!
There is no such thing as a stupid idea.
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King of the Boneheads
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Default Re: Happy Holidays

A day late as well. Didn't have time to post christmas goodies.


- The Third Wheel (Hardcover, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series #7)
- R/C Helicopter (Epic, Love it, Epic)
- Zippy Zither (Lap Harp, very fun)
- CamelBak (Like a giant canteen in a small backpack, wanted one for a long time)
- Geometry Set (Been needing one for a while)
- Guitar Hero: Van Halen (For PS3. Looking for Guitar)

PRESENTS: (that are for the whole family)
- Monopoly (Board Game, Durr)
- Words with Friends (Board Game, scrabble duplicate :P)
- Dominoes (yaaaaaaaaaay the domino effect )
- Domino Stands (derp see above)
- Dice (because my family must lose all the dice for our board games for some reason)

He he.
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Is a ninja
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Default Re: Happy Holidays

My most notable gifts:

A new iPod Touch, which is quite nice if a little redundant (too long of a story to bother explaining)

Red Dead Redemption

and an ornamental Wakizashi.
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