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Yerfdog Hamumu in 2013

In my opinion, these might be the most interesting journal entries of the past 6 - 12 months: http://hamumu.com/journal.php?entry=1357003370

My comment for 2013: "Maybe the most interesting journal entries of the past 12 months: Jan 1 and Dec. 31. Obviously, #7 (Unity) and 8 (Kickstarter) are the most interesting ones to me and I hope one or both of those happens, but also obviously, you have to make a living. From what I've heard investing time with Unity could have a good pay-off in the long run. I personally don't think you need to worry about making some BIG 20 - 40 hour game; indies that are only 6 - 10 hours long are still going for 5-10 bucks a pop. Maybe the idea of chapters (or a BIG game broken up into smaller games - especially if it's story-based - so you can create and release more quickly) still has some merit. Hopefully somehow you will be able to finish Dr. Lunatic's and Bouapha's story in 2013 (or continue with Kid Mystic, or even create a new character), but if you can't afford to, that's okay. Do what you do."

Having done a little (just a little) bit of Unity as part of a non-credit class teaching some Unity, that seems like a strong option. The guy who taught it had done work for 2K games (well, animation for Madden, I believe) before becoming a teacher, and he spoke very positively of Unity and how the engine was becoming more and more viable as a way to make games that could compete with AAA titles, even on a graphical level.

I think Jamul could pull off making a 3rd-person Action-RPG if he budgeted time to learn Unity (I'm guessing he knows a compatible language; we were just working with Javascript), and focused on keeping the game fun but short and graphically simple (like our other Hamumu favorites). As I mentioned, maybe focusing on a few fun 6-10 hour titles rather than one big 20 - 40 hour title (what was the average playing time of LL2?) would work well.

I can imagine a Kid Mystic title that looks like a cross between colorful Crash Bandicoot graphics and Gothic style gameplay. Or maybe it would be easier and more invigorating to create an isometric-ish title like Diablo 2 or Nox. Not sure, just thinking in text.

Anyway, what do you hope will happen to Hamumu in 2013?
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Default Re: Hamumu in 2013

Well hopes are far different from realistic. As with many people on here I would adore the reintroduction of Dr. Lunatic, the end of the series and all. Though I am not as involved with the games as other people are.

I would like more activity in mafia and on the forums in general, more interesting long term discussions as opposed to threads that die off after a few responses. If we could bring back some of the games that will last long term would be exciting too.
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Default Re: Hamumu in 2013

Having worked in Unity a bit for a CS Honors project, I can say that the engine has a lot of power yet isn't too difficult to learn. I picked up coding (mostly in JavaScript) in Unity pretty quickly, although I did know Java and C++ at the time. It's definitely an interesting program, to say the least.

Also a bit excited about GDC, since I may be going there with the Game Developers club at UIUC, although that's partly dependent on whether or not I go to PAX East on behalf of the Grifball league I'm a part of.

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Default Re: Hamumu in 2013

I'm in support of Unity as well. Reintroducing one of the 2.5D games in actual 3D would be rad, but I'd be fine with small releases from it.
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Default Re: Hamumu in 2013

Possibly another game in the SPISPOPD/Dr.Lunatic series.
By this I mean:
SPISPOPD 2 / Dr. Lunatic
Dr. Lunatic 2 / Dr. Lunatic SWC
Dr. Lunatic SWC 2 / --new game'd go here--

It could be a 3D version of SWC, with contributions from other users. It could be a hodgepodge of a bunch of random things to make one awesome game.
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Wink Re: Hamumu in 2013

I also agree with a good portion of these comments. http://hamumu.com/journal.php?comment=2&n=1357003370

"Dumb" (silly but full of substance) won Jamul a small-but-brutally-loyal audience for about ten years, which (from what I learned in Advertising) can be even better than going for mass appeal. (Look at how crazy enthusiastic everyone got over HPG back in '07.)

The next few years eventually caused people to drift away to more "happenin'" places because not much was happening here, not much to be involved in.

It's similar to something I read from Scott Adams (Dilbert creator), who heard it from a marketing guy (and I'm trying to write from memory): "Say you have a kind of umbrella you're trying to sell. If various people come up to you and say, 'That's a nice umbrella. I will certainly consider purchasing one,' leave it and move on. But if somebody comes up to you and says they will pay for it no matter what it costs, and buys five for their friends, one for their cat, writes a song dedicated to the umbrella, i.e. is really enthusiastic about it, you may have something there."

I think he could build that audience back up again if he went back to that "Dumb"-loving, small-but-loyal, Action-RPG-loving people instead of the broad spectrum of Flash game lovers. Naturally, if he is really strapped for cash and can continue to make some quickly with Flash games, I can understand him having to do that, but I think a plan should be formulated in the mean time.

It seems to me that if Jamul could start producing something (sort of a tech demo) that was similar to classic Hamumu titles and appealed to those interested in Dr. L and such, that would help to show good faith to those who may have been disappointed by the starts and stops of games like HPG, Loonyland Tactics, etc.

After a respectable demo was created, I think Kickstarter might be a decent possibility, if the amount requested is kept realistic and the word was spread hither and yon. Jamul could use that playable demo to show where the game was going, to put faith back into the community that this game would be finished on schedule.

And I don't know how well this idea would go over, but the fact that Jamul already has a number of games completely under his control could be used as Kickstarter rewards:

[I'm not sure what would be a reasonable deal here; this is just hypothetical, after all:]

.5) Pledge at least $1: thanks!

1) Pledge $10, get the game [assuming regular price will end up being at least 15; want to make it a deal]

2) Pledge $15, get the game + $5 worth of games (or Yerfbucks) from Hamumu (CP pack or Mia's Happy Day)

3) Pledge $25, get the game + $15 worth of games (or Yerfbucks) from the Hamumu store (Creator's Pass + CP pack; Amazin' SPISPOPD + Mia's Day, for example) + a special forum badge

4) Pledge $35, get the game + $20 worth of games (or Yerfbucks) from the Hamumu store (Kid Mystic, Loonyland, etc.) + a special forum badge + [some medium form of game input]

5) Pledge $40, get the game + $30 worth of games (or Yerfbucks) from the Hamumu store (SwC, LL2, etc.) + a special forum badge + [another medium form of game input]

And so on and so forth. I'd write more, but I'm not sure anyone really cares and I'm tired. :P
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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Default Re: Hamumu in 2013

Originally Posted by TyTBone View Post
(Look at how crazy enthusiastic everyone got over HPG back in '07.)
Crazy being the key word.

Other than that tidbit of commentary I don't really have much to add. I'm not an indy game developer, so am not really qualified to say what people might enjoy. All I can say is that I've really enjoyed all of your games, and hope to see another LL style game in the future (mainly because I enjoyed this style of game you've/he's (I'm still iffy on what tense this post is in), made), not that that is likely based off of financial stuff etc. (Man I love parentheses)

EDIT: did anyone else notice this is the first year since 1987 with 4 distinct digits?
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Default Re: Hamumu in 2013

I'm all for a Kickstarter happening if it was a DL/LL game... Easily $50 pledged.
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Default Re: Hamumu in 2013

Some examples:


This guy seems to be in a similar situation as Jamul (maybe minus so many financial problems). He's indie, has about 2 dozen games on his (very minimalistic) site, but he was able to garner about 35,000 dollars for his latest game about Lewis and Clark. I suspect the key is getting the word out about your project and targeting those who are interested in the kind of game you're planning on making. (Oh, I guess it's actually at least two people who work on the games.)


And apparently this Kickstarter failed initally (coming about 2 grand short of the goal) because "they lacked more updates, especially in the last two weeks, when the campaign almost stagnated" (according to a GOG forum member). However, they re-launched like a week later, and (afaik) took the initiative to get more media attention. ("This time around we've been doing better with the media and have had numerous press mentions. Here are a few...RPGCodex; RPGWatch; Rock,Paper, Shotgun; Blue's News; Futile Position") After that they became funded in under a week.

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Default Re: Hamumu in 2013

Originally Posted by seamonkey View Post
EDIT: did anyone else notice this is the first year since 1987 with 4 distinct digits?

I think Jamul should start learning Unity as best he can, but while he's learning he should make games using the stuff he learns. Then it would be interesting for us to see what he's doing, and he'd be able put his new skills to proper tests. After a while, he could start off making a small 3D adventure that would certainly be entertaining to play! And from there he could keep going and going and his games would get better and better! Remember RWK? How small it was? Look at RWIC, and the Pedro games - the flash games got better over the months!

I'm not sure if this would work, but it would be awesome if it did! A kickstarter could really work if Jamul could make something that looked really promising, which I'm sure he could do. I pretty much agree with TyTbone, but honestly I don't mind what Jamul makes. Whether it's Dr. Lunatic 3, Kid Mystic 2, Loony Land 3, or some whole new adventure, all that matters to me is that there will be adorable Halloween themed monsters, happy stick people, fat cows, mad scientists, or the usual Hamumu charm
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