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Thumbs up Question about Kid Mystic

I have played this game back in 2002 when it was an eGames game. I beat the game a billion times and memorized everything about the game. However, now, in the year 2013, i have no idea what i am doing. does anybody know the locations to all of the hidden levels in Chapter two? I found the original levels, and Temple of Kings and River Rafting. Any help is MUCH appreciated, thank you!
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Default Re: Question about Kid Mystic

There aren't any additional hidden levels in Chapter 2, only a few extra levels.

River Rafting and Temple of Kings are two of them. One of the other levels, called Lost In The Woods, is located within the hedge "maze" at the top-right corner of the map, near one of the old levels. Another level is called The Hidden Temple, but the entrance to it is somewhere in the overworld, near the centre of the entire map if I remember correctly. When I first played the newer Kid Mystic, I had this bad habit of confusing the entrance of Temple of Kings with the entrance of The Hidden Temple. It doesn't help that they always seemed pretty near each other.

Speaking of which...

*reinstalls Kid Mystic*
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