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Default New LL2 world project, with complicated class system! (mucho images)

So, if you have LL2 CE, you may have tried out the "Mini Monster Madness," where you choose a class at the beginning which determines what skills and talents you have available. I thought that was a cool idea, but I wanted something where you can eventually get ALL of the skills and talents... but YOU get to choose the order somewhat!
Each glowing ball thing represents an upgrade. Instead of boss enemies like the Stinky Sock that drop a specific skill, certain objectives will reward you with an Upgrade Point. You can return here later to select an upgrade.

Each upgrade allows you a small number of Skills and/or Talents.

Stepping onto the orbs teleports you to an area where you can pick up your reward.

Some (most) upgrades are required before you can get certain other upgrades; for example, you must get the Craftsman upgrade (Alchemy, Junksmithing, Clocksmithing) before you can get the Expert upgrade (Training, Herbalism, Mining, Mixology).

To get any combat-oriented upgrades, you must first purchase the basic Warrior upgrade.

This allows access to the three different combat classes: Berserker, Rogue, and Ranger. Each of the three classes has 5 levels; you must get them in order (you need Berserker 3 to get Berserker 4). The classes are independent though (you ONLY need Berserker 3 to get Berserker 4; it doesn't care if you've put 1 or 5 upgrade points into Rogue).

Magic works a little differently. There are two types of magic: Enchantment (useful stuff that isn't really about the damage, like Shroom or Tornado) and Sorcery (magic that's about lots of damage, like Bonehead or Burninate). Each upgrade gives you 2 Magic Skills, and usually a Talent or two. (Or Energy.)

However, when you purchase a magic upgrade, you are allowed access to EITHER of the next-level upgrades. (For example, if you purchase Enchantment 1, you can next purchase Enchantment 2 OR Sorcery 2.)

A complicated system like this, though, naturally takes A LOT of specials. Here's a shot from the editor. Each upgrade is tracked with one variable. When you step on the orb, it uses 2 specials to mark that you've selected your upgrade (one detects when you step, the other asks if you've already selected that upgrade). Another tells it which upgrade you've selected so the game can warp you to the correct reward. Also, if you've already gotten an upgrade, the line of specials on the left will usually remove a post allowing access to later upgrades.

Another set of 40 specials or so keeps count of how many upgrades you've gotten so far. Since Loonyland 2 doesn't allow you to do even simple formulas like "n + 1", this can only be done by having 30 specials saying "Was it 29 before you bought that upgrade? Set it to 30. Was it 28 instead? Set it to 29. 27? 28." And so on. And you have to make it so they evaulate in THAT ORDER, so you have to figure out how that works. (Otherwise, it will say "You've gotten 0 upgrades so far? Set the variable to 1. Oh, you've gotten 1 upgrade? Set it to 2...")

Yet another 40 is required to warp you to the correct spot in the second map.

The specials on the other map are harder - this map has the lock that keeps you from getting to the upgrade chooser unless you have enough objectives completed.
Here we can see some of the 60 specials that check each of the 29 objectives for completion, checking exactly 1 per program cycle.

Then here's another 40 that run when each completed objective is detected; another counter like the other one.

Lastly, another 60 to check whether the door should open - since you can't ask "Are these two variables equal?" you have to ask "Is this variable 0, and then, is the other variable ALSO 0? No? OK, is this variable 1, and this other variable ALSO 1? No, Then...".

So all in all that's actually 400 specials just for the upgrade system. Fun times! Definitely don't do this unless you really, REALLY want a complicated class system. Which I do.
Lastly, here's a list of all the upgrades and their rewards:
Civilian Upgrades:
Explorer: Mobility, Survival, Tracking
Merchant: Haggling, Miser, Packrat, Luck
Craftsman: Alchemy, Junksmithing, Clockwork
Expert: Herbalism, Mining, Mixology, Training

Combat upgrades:
Warrior: Axe Mastery, Throwing

Berserker: Good at hewing through hordes of enemies.
Level 1: Endurance, Toughness, Chopping
Level 2: Vampirism, Strength
Level 3: Stomp, Defense
Level 4: Whirl, Knockout, Gladiator
Level 5: Flame, Stoneskin

Rogue: Good at smashing through powerful foes.
Level 1: Stun, Dodge, Sneak Attack
Level 2: Bash, Poison
Level 3: Critical, Finesse
Level 4: Persuasion, Criticism
Level 5: Parry, Arsenic

Ranger: Defeats monsters from afar.
Level 1: Ricochet, Static, Tossing
Level 2: Shatter, Scavenging
Level 3: Piercing, Vivacity
Level 4: Triple, Air Strike
Level 5: Homing, Axe Trap

Magic upgrades:
Enchantment: Useful magic.
Level 1: Lifeberries, Shroom, Green Thumb, Meditation
Level 2: Restoration, Ignite, Energy
Level 3: Brambles, Cold Wave, Green Thumb
Level 4: Heat Shield, Berserk, Windbag
Level 5: Plague, Tornado, Windbag

Sorcery: Destructive magic.
Level 1: Drain, Cryozoid, Freezing, Mental Focus
Level 2: Toasties, Gale, Energy, Scorching
Level 3: Bonehead, Bone Bomb, Spookiness
Level 4: Stone Spike, Shock Orb, Electrocution
Level 5: Ice Cube, Burninate, Combustion

(If you have any suggestions or questions, like "Shroom is WAY too powerful to be level 1" or something (I never really used it that much so maybe I'm undervaluing it, hehe) feel free. )
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