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Default Re: Editor Ideas And Tricks

Originally Posted by Hammered View Post
I have posted tons of tips and tricks for world building elsewhere on this forum, but several of them were lost in the great forum bug of whenever that was, so I compiled them on another site. Anyway, instead of having the level item drop somewhere and hope the player notices it and decides to pick it up, it would be better to just give the player the item and display a screen saying something like Congratulations, PlayerName, you have advanced to level LevelNumber! This is much more elegant.

For an excellent guide with lots of complex editor tips and tricks, see The Player's Guide to Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese - the Editor Tricks tab is loaded with lots of advanced tricks which will help out those who want to do fancier things. You can use my ideas and suggestions without giving me credit in your worlds. Information is meant to be shared. This is the site I referred to earlier, which also has plenty of information for any player, not just builders: http://www.freewebs.com/suppremeplayersguide/index.html
I get this
"We're sorry, this site is frozen.
If you are the site owner, please
click here to contact us
regarding the status of your website."

Can you please renew the website ?
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Default Re: Editor Ideas And Tricks

I'll try - if I get a response to the message I sent, I will post that answer here.

In the mean time, if you just want access to the information, I found a copy on the wayback:


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Default Re: Editor Ideas And Tricks

I think this is a crafty level idea for gameplay: Dense-Area-Of-Single-Walls Fighting

I find that this adds a level of difficulty especially when you use small and fast monsters such as Millennium Bug.


On other thoughts, I think it would be interesting to have a cell automata concept in a Supreme level.

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