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Default Transistor Question.

Why does this work on a breadboard?:


Where CBE are the collector, base and emitter of a transistor and the ---- are horizontal tracks (like on a breadboard). The above diagram will have a charge on E if there is a charge on both C and B. Surely there will be a charge on E if there is a charge on C regardless of whether or not there is one on B because they are on the same track. ARG.
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Default Re: Transistor Question.

If they're both on the same track, then (barring any funny business with resistance) they will both have power, so long as there's power on the track. The transistor really does no good if there's power being applied to the emitter, however you could use something like that with just power on the base (and a significant amount of it) to provide power to the emitter - but why would you want to do that?
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