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Yerfdog Best Halloween Ever 2013


Also try the BHE Styling Userscript!
(Chrome users use Tampermonkey)

Other BHE 2013 Events
Halloween Horror 14

Suggested events
Costume Contest
Costume Party
Art Piece
Lego Build
Story Sharing
... or your own idea!

Note: There seems to be some consternation over this concept. Perhaps I can explain it with a simple analogy. In December 1898, Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat was the fastest driver in the world at 39.2 mph. In 1997, Andy Green became the fastest at 760.3 mph. Gaston was the fastest, Andy is the fastest. Any superlative term implies "up to now" automatically. Things change. If it were 1898, Gaston would be "the fastest". That is no longer true. Therefore, in 2007, that Halloween was the Best. Then 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and again in 2012, they were all blown away and we found a new Best. That will become no longer true on October 31st of this year. Prepare yourself.

IT IS TIME PEOPLE! Time for every Hamumian's favorite holiday of the year, and time to (hopefully) make it better than it's ever been before!

How can we make it the best ever? Well, we're having a contest to achieve that. (These rules are based on Jamul's but modified to account for the fact that I am not Jamul.)

1 - To enter, present a surprise to your fellow Hamumians on Oct. 31st, 2013.

2 - You will be awarded somewhere between 1 and 200 yerfbucks for your surprise depending on how awesome it is and how much I have available for prizes. Jamul is likely to provide some of the prize money as he has in the past. I will award you somewhere between 1 and 200 Yerfbucks for your surprise. Do something incredibly amazing, and you can earn even more than 200. Thousands, really, though I don't know what you could possibly do to justify something like that.

3 - The amount awarded for your surprise is entirely at my discretion. It is based on three factors: How much effort I think you put into it, how much fun I think your surprise will bring to the community, and a special bonus on top for doing something really surprising and cool that I think people won't be expecting!

4 - This year, no asking me how much something will be worth! You can ask your fellow Hamumians who have entered in the past, they might have an idea. But remember to keep your surprise a surprise!

5 - No, entering a Halloween Horror world is definitely not a surprise (even if you normally don't!). Any Yerfbucks related to that are entirely separate. Please do an HH world though!

6 - Please keep surprises Halloween-themed, as this is supposed to be The Best *Halloween* Ever.

7 - Your surprise must be something good. Don't surprise us with one of those pictures that screams at you, or with hacking the website to be covered with profanity.

8 - I, SpaceManiac, am willing to help you out. If you need files hosted or any other technical help, feel free to email or forum PM me. I won't do any work for you outright - it's your surprise, after all - but I can provide assistance, file hosting, and such. Jamul might be able to help in certain situations, but has more important work than me.

9 - Could this contest be any more vague? Possibly, so count your blessings. The whole idea is to surprise your fellow Hamumians with a treat (tricks accepted too, if they're not bad), so I can't tell you what to do. Dig deep into your creative brains and smoosh them out! Do something that nobody else would think of!

10 - Late entries NOT accepted! Get it done before Oct 31st, so you can wheel it out in time! It's the best HALLOWEEN ever, not All Saint's Day.

11 - Probably email Jamul, but also email me, tad.hardesty@platymuus.com, or forum PM me, and I also recommend posting your surprise on the forums. However you go about delivering your surprise, send me an email on Oct 31st to make sure I note that you did it and can dish out the yerfbucks.

Questions? Surely you must have them. Post away! Just don't give away your surprise publicly!

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Default Re: Best Halloween Ever 2013

*hmm* The HH14 link lead to the HH13 page.
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Default Re: Best Halloween Ever 2013

Originally Posted by REACTOR View Post
*hmm* The HH14 link lead to the HH13 page.
Fixed, thanks.
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Default Re: Best Halloween Ever 2013

I wonder when that Happy Poney Pumpkin game will be back online?
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Default Re: Best Halloween Ever 2013

Probably all I've got for this year.


We'll talk after you prove I'm here.
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Default Re: Best Halloween Ever 2013

My BHE is a small flash animation at

Hamumu Software: the website is the Clubhouse.
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