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Default Bouapha's Huge Resource Page Requests

The name should be pretty explanatory, still don't know, okay, here is some text which I copied which was supposed to be for a HW page, I'm too lazy to write another introduction from a HM point of view...

“ This page features , as said in the title, “RESOURCES”, these resources vary from free to use tilesets, JSPs, music, sounds, and many more. But, the author only allows the stuff to be used inside the “HAMUMU CIRCLE”. There can be made a few exceptions for uses outside Hamumu but the main rule is set in stone. The goal of this page is to encourage or give more options to Hamumu world builders to, of course build worlds. Anyone can be a contributor to this page. But most of the resources were made by REACTOR himself. This stuff, as said in one of the above sentences, is completely free to use, BUT, is only allowed to be used inside the Hamumu Circle. This page and it's resources are under Hamumu copyright. If you have any questions regarding this page then please contact REACTOR at reactor@ninjadoggyinc.com ; (Your email address will be kept safe, it will only be used for a reply back to your question(s))|Or if you totally feel unsafe exposing your email to a stranger like REACTOR, you could send a Private Message IF you're a Hamumu member. The second goal of this page is to keep the “RESOURCES” in one place instead of having people scrambling around the Hamumu fora or Hamumu Forums, for tilesets and what have you."

Okay, got it. So currently I'm just receiving requests from different people, and making tiles, sounds, JSPs, and occasional music. So, if you want to make a request such as, we want a whole tileset of different computer variations, then I can do it. This is completely non-profit so you are allowed to make as many appropriate requests as you like. If you're wandering about artwork quality, such as, am I going to get kindergarten tiles,etc... then don't worry, I'm kinda a proffesional myself you know!

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