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Yerfdog Calthax's Great Fanfiction

Alright, back from my absence.

There are many fanfiction coming up made by me and my sister LimeSerenity on DA.

There was a game based off Calthax's Great World two years ago which was scrapped pretty quickly, but the only character it kept on the fanfiction and the game was Dark Ley.
Calthax's Great World Series

Calthax: Cabin Fever: Part of the Calthax's School Adventures.

Chapter 1 of CGW:

Chapter 1 - The Beginnings.

The year is 2020.

As Calthax read on that computer, a magical world grimoire that had sealed countless people into that world. He had to get into that world so he can save the world.

"Not sure if I will save them" Calthax said.

Calthax went into the portal sealed inside the Grimoire and suddenly; the door backed closed and it was gone!

"Maybe I will find some help there" Calthax said.

"A 4DS?" Calthax grabbed the 4DS, it worked fine. "Maybe this thing can help me out of this world" Calthax said about it.

As if Calthax couldn't really find anything. He ran and ran and he found a house. The house wasn't really owned by anybody, Calthax looked inside, there was no ghosts. There was a server, and 2 computers. When Calthax got on one of the computers, it worked fine suddenly. There was a strange email message.


Info - ...

From - ...
"Odd." Calthax said. As Calthax checked the programs it had, the computers were not English, they were Leyian.

"I have no idea what Leyian is, Calthax said."

As Calthax began the search of the missing people and took that laptop to look for clues. There was something awaiting in his search, a pair of hyperflux binoculars. Then he found a Game Boy Color also.

"Ahh, maybe I will find some more clues in it" Calthax said.

Calthax made it back to Kansas City. And there were still people there.


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