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Default Mysterious Object

You found a mysterious object, it appears to be a page with the prologue of a book (one that is in the works and may never even get published), here is what it reads...

The world we live in is discovered through our senses, without our senses we would be no different than a plant. What if that’s all we are, plants with perks, I mean think about it, how would you be able to think anything other than ‘…’ if you never learned anything because there was nothing to learn from, no color, no shape, no sound, nothing, I mean, after all that’s how thoughts spawn right? Without sound you don’t learn from or know sound, without feeling you don’t learn from or know feeling, without taste you don’t learn from or know taste, without smell you don’t learn from or know smell, and of course without sight you do not learn from or know sight. What does this all mean? We could just as well not know and not learn from other senses that we don’t have. I mean it is obvious that there are people without these basic senses, the deaf, blind, dumb and so forth, so maybe we’re still missing senses that exist other than the common five senses, it is possible to be missing senses, that much we already know based on the fact that there are the deaf, blind and dumb (etc.). As a matter of fact we are disabled mentally in the fact that we cannot put our brain to its full use and full potential, but what if there was a way that we could? Find out and discover what happens when two twins come across more power anyone can even dream of. Siggy and Vinx soon find that the fate of existence is changed just as easily as a snap of the fingers.

...your initial thoughts probably revolve around this question, "What the heck?", well there you have it a book I began working on and may eventually get finished, aiming for the end of this year. Provided to you for your own entertainment, although this bit lacks action and is focused around philosophy in particular philosophy surrounding the subject of what the brain is capable of. Well thanks for reading! Tell me what you think or tell me to get out of this section and never come back! Preferably the first one. That's all the sneak peeks for now and possibly ever.

Making this thread was inspired by calthax's fanfiction thread, without it I would have never thought to create a thread with a story built into it.
Am I PARANOID? Or am I... actually, nope probably just paranoid.

My website: http://conger001.wix.com/tyconger192sworlds

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