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Default Restaurants over the years.

In 2008, my family and I didn't have much of a choice in terms of food here in the middle east. There was either hot spicy curries, a very small selection of western food, or some spicy cultural delights. But the main thing was, the food was atleast flavourful and delicious. And in the now, 2014, the restaurants we went to for a few visits, their food, was just not as tasty. First of all, the screwed up the chicken, and they used seasonings in a very plain way. This was really a dive. But strangely or logically enough, the population of people has something to do with it. Back in 2008, there was a relatively small population, so I guess restaurants had to think hard to bring in profit. But now, with an ever growing population, and people moving in from other countries, the food quality went downhill. I think with so many people around, the cooks or chefs don't really care about the edibility of their food, since there are many people out there now, and there is a higher chance of their restaurants being known. And what's such a turn off about them, is that they have a wider variety of food, but they just don't have the touch. I think this concept of, the more the better, is really ruining food, culture, and many more aspects. It's no good having a restaurant, if you don't know how to do a proper chicken chop or even, a curry (In this case).
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Default Re: Restaurants over the years.

I've seeen this happen even where I live, as a few small family restraunts struggled on against a glut of pretty terrible fast food. What generally got them each of them in the end was lane expansions to the road, since the building is everything to one of them, not only does it give familiarity to its remaining loyal customers, but it also tends to charm in furnishing ans such.

Very few decent restaurants manage to relocate, while dime a dozen corporate things can not only do this without missing a breath, but also have the hubris to argue against zoning changes and keep a location once they've latched on.

I personally think that cooking coursses should be added to primary school. I really miss my spinach quiche.
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Default Re: Restaurants over the years.

Oh yes, courses in school. I feel you man. That's yet another subject, schools just bring in work-slaves, pay them really low-salaries, and expect them to choke it down and come up with food. That's really demeaning. When studying it's best to have a fresh and not-hungry mind, what's even worse about it, is that in my case, the school principle had one of his speeches and was going off about how good their food is and how much effort they put into cooking it.

Edit: Oops, I accidentally used my brother's account. I am Pup514.

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