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Default Cleaning out my basement

Or at least I would, but on the first day I found something too good to be true. A binder branded with my old high school. And apparently misprinted, I doubt that it would still be around if it really came from 1892! For some reason it had the three original seasons of Futurama crammed into it.

It's such a perfect excuse to lose my free time, but the remote is missing, so I can only watch the first episode on each dvd, which gives a surreal cross section of the series that goes something like: Pilot, robot planet, titanic episode, etc

I'd love to hear about any stories of misplaced treasures or heirlooms, since I love knickknacks to the extent of having a crane machine, music box disguised as a stein, and the like in my room.
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Default Re: Cleaning out my basement

Trying to find a USB cable in my family's messroom
While rifling through some boxes, something dropped to the ground. It was surprisingly, my old school worksheets. I did a bit more digging around, and in a plastic box, was a CD, and some floppies. The floppies were simply a classic game, Space Quest, and on the CD, were some old addons from around 2005 (For Dr. L SWC), and a world titled "Voyager". It's certainly not on the official addons list. And I haven't checked it out yet. What a surprise, to see something so mysterious.

This coincidentally happened today.
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