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Default How do you personally design levels for SwC?

Recently I've been interested in the idea of creating a new world for SwC, and it got me thinking about the different design choices that a person can make for their world. Even standard "kill monsters, collect brains, go to exit" levels can have all sort of balance adjustments made to them.

So the question is this: What particular design choices do you make for SwC, and why?

For example, I personally prefer disabling random item drops from enemies. I think if the player doesn't have the opportunity to get any special weapon from any enemy, the level is easier to balance, and there can be some gameplay varieties only made possible by restricting the player to certain special weapons.
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When I design a level I always start with a sketch or simple drawing, notes, etc. Aesthetics always come first in my worlds which can be a good and a bad thing. Because I'm a cosmetic person rather than a hardcore pro gamer, I tend to focus on how a level looks a lot more than gameplay, especially in the early stages. My advice to you (and to myself) is to find the right balance between how and environment looks and how it plays.

I agree with you on the special weapon drops. Because there's such a discrepancy between special weapons (spears vs. big axe, for example), a level's balance is often thrown simply due to random chance. Generally I try to purposefully add weapon drops to a map or assign specific drops to specific monsters rather than leaving it randomized.

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Default Re: How do you personally design levels for SwC?

My strategy usually consists of deciding what I want to happen in a level (what will the player encounter and what will they do) and then setting up the layout, monsters, and visuals to support that. This might be a side-effect of the fact that I'm usually just making Halloween Horror worlds where I start with a title and decide what happens from there. I usually leave random drops on except in cases where I'm looking for a specific special weapon to be used somewhere or want to keep things slower-paced.
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