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Latest Journal update: Nov 27, 2017
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Default I Think I Am Going To Do It

I know I said this two times before, but I think I have really made up my mind, there is just nothing here anymore. No more excitement, I've waited two whole years, and so far, it's the same thing being played over and over again.

There is no life here, no excitement, just ruins.

With all my friends here out in the blue, and my distaste at how Mike now operates things, it's just the same old road.

I hope you guys enjoyed me being here. I am going to make a run for it, and find something else in life which can give me a purpose.

I wish everyone a final and now short goodbye.
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Default Re: I Think I Am Going To Do It

Sad to see you go, youll be back though
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The Demagogue
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Default Re: I Think I Am Going To Do It

I was always the one saying this place was dead, and then you showed up. It's rather ironic that one of the few things that gave this place life was the person saying it was dead. :P
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Default Re: I Think I Am Going To Do It

"eventually getting down to work on my dream game I've been designing for 10 years or so" - when Jamul/Mike shows evidence of this, I think new life will appear, but until he has time to do that, this place will remain dead. There's no way around the fact Hamumu was fully about the action-RPGs Mike created.
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)
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Peanut Gallery
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Default Re: I Think I Am Going To Do It

I would personally just like to see a journal update (it's been 3 months!!) to know how Jamul's doing.

And yes, this is my first post in about a year or so. I certainly haven't been active at all and my lack of attention to this place was not a conscious decision. I just stopped coming and didn't even realize until months afterwards.

I have been popping in, though, about once a month to see what's up. I thought about joining another mafia game a while back but that appears to have toned down as well... One thing I have been trying to get done is my Supreme With Cheese worlds - there are a LOT of unfinished ones and I've been busy wrapping them up so they won't be lost forever. I'd hate to lose the fruits of a particularly wonderful time in my past
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Default Re: I Think I Am Going To Do It

I have a couple worlds sitting in the ATC and one never submitted that could stand to be patched up sometime... but nothing else really going. Even the Supreme beta has hit a wall in terms of what new features are really reasonable.

If there was some interest in (and ideas for) some fun community project thing, I'd be all in, but I haven't been able to come up with anything worthwhile.
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Default Re: I Think I Am Going To Do It

#1: That's probably because people lost all hope for getting their worlds tested, since pretty much, no one new who is willing to engage in the community has appeared.

#2: Your HH13, HH14 worlds need to be fixed.

#3: We need fresh views, pretty much the current members who still check this site out, have seen it, done it, and groked it.
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