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Default Re: HamPlatformer

Sorry im not getting that mumble done as quick as I thought im very locked up with my time
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Default Re: HamPlatformer

How is the development of this coming along?
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Default \_(ツ)_/

I'm pretty sure Hamplat was shelved over a year ago.

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Default Re: HamPlatformer

I haven't worked on it since August 2014; the recent screenshots in this thread are basically up to date. It's always been a bit of an off-and-on experiment, and I never really had a totally clear picture of what the game's structure was supposed to be other than "Hamumu-themed MMO combat platformer" and some potential ideas beyond that.
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Default Re: HamPlatformer

I still remember quite clearly what the original idea was, a sort of platformer version of SWC with all the characters and stuff from the various Hamumu games and needing multiple players to beat bosses and stuff, but we never got into a lot of the details and figured out how it was all going to work, hence why it quickly changed style. I seriously doubt it'll ever get made.
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