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Default Guide to removing an irrational fear of a Dr. Lunatic monster!

How an irrational fear of this monster came about, I don't know.
I was afraid of the Thing for several years.
I can tell you it started shortly after my obsession with the Thing as I was consistently placing the Thing on levels and merging the Thing with other monsters as I had seen done in popular levels.
This thread is a celebratory post of me conquering my fear of the Thing. I have overcome most of the fear.

The process:
1. I completed all of the cavernous caves levels except for the boss.
2. Knowing what I would encounter (The Thing), I slowly approached the Thing, during this process I only saw its tentacles and then I quickly backed out of the level.
3. I had my mother go to the Hamumu Wiki and find a small image of The Thing during this time I stood distant from the laptop and when it was finally on screen I slowly approached the screen.
4. After approaching the screen I took note that The Thing looked similar to a frog and I tried and successfully viewed the monster as cute rather than scary.
5. I stared at The Thing for a long time.
6. I told my Mom to play the boss of the cavernous caves, again I stood distant and slowly approached the screen. When my Mother was battling the Thing I observed it. Soon all traits of the Thing were visible, the eyeballs being my biggest fear were in sight and they made me sort of afraid. I addressed this and she said that they don't even do anything. That the eyeballs were like frog eyes and were silly. I thought of them as silly inanimate frog eyes and the fear wasn't present any longer. I stared at it to be sure I would lose this fear. I didn't mind the blinking of the eyes because I knew even though they looked to be giving me the death stare they were eyes of something that wasn't real and eyes that were similar to those of some cartoon frog's.
7. I sat down by my mother and watched her kill the Thing.
8. I replayed the level, I killed the Thing myself.
9. I played the level once more, this time I picked up a scanner and tried to scan the Thing. When I finally unexpectedly did, multiple Things appeared because of the scanning process and made me jump and let out a scream.
10. ticked off I killed the Thing multiple more times. In fact the level just became boring after all the times I replayed it.

> Next... to ensure total elimination of fear induced by this stupid monster, I plan to play levels on worlds like death merge where upon entering levels you see The Thing immediately and are exposed to the element of surprise. As well as the fact that there will be multiple Things on screen.

I will update you guys on what happens next.

The main reason I want to get over this fear is so that I can finally play the community's worlds without having to worry about getting a jump scare here and there. I advise anyone with a nonsensical fear of monsters from Dr. Lunatic to repeat the same steps I took to remove that fear.

You have to really want to remove the fear in order to follow these steps.
Am I PARANOID? Or am I... actually, nope probably just paranoid.

My website: http://conger001.wix.com/tyconger192sworlds
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Default Re: Guide to removing an irrational fear of a Dr. Lunatic monster!


Edit: that is the monster if you did not know a little bugger he is

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