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Default my number is really larger

1. Your number must be computable.
2. Your number must be finite.
3. Your number must be well-defined.
4. Your number should be easy to understand for the layman.
4b Your complain against a number should be easy to understand for the layman.
5. You canNOT use meta references like "all the posted numbers so far +1" or "the highest number that will be posted on page 20 + 1" and such, only actual numbers count.
6. You can, however, just use the highest number posted on the thread, or steal a notation from someone else, and add 1, and it'll be valid.

4 is there because people tend to make very long posts with hard to read notation that makes it pretty much impossible to know if the new number is, in fact, bigger.

5 is there because, if you want to come to the thread and make a metadefinition like that, you actually have to take a look at numbers posted and make calculations for a valid entry.

6 is there so the thread can always have an influx of entries, you can come here and post a number that is, in fact, bigger than all the previous posted.

So I'll start with:

E10#10 in Sbiis Saibian's Hyper-E Notation
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